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Beauty Basics: How to Create Luscious Lashes

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

eyelashes makeup courses essexWe rely on our eyelashes to give us a sexy, glamorous look, whether it’s during the day or come night time. We rely on our lashes to enhance and make us look beautiful, but sometimes we forget how to utilise them properly, as well as how to care for them.

In order to avoid the mascara applying mishaps through poor application, and instead prevail with beautiful and well looked after lashes, read my step by step guide below.

Vaseline Therapy:

Admittedly Vaseline is considered to be a lip and skin treatment; however your lashes can also reap the benefits of this silky smooth product. Simply put a little on your finger and sweep it evenly in an upward motion over your lashes, apply with your forefinger, no rubbing in as this can cause clumping together of the lashes. I normally apply it before bedtime, as it gives your lashes time to absorb; the next morning when applying your mascara you’ll really notice a difference. You’ll have silky, long and sleek looking lashes, who’d of thought Vaseline could be so multi-purpose!

Eyelash Curlers are Essential:

Curling your eyelashes is essential if you want perfectly sculpted lashes. The eyelash curler creates a gorgeous uplifting edge to your lashes, opening up your eyes making them look stunning, and feminine. Always start this process before applying any mascara, follow this link to read a step by step guide.

*Expert tip* Just like heating up your straighteners or curling iron, warming up your eyelash curler has exactly the same effect, just isn’t as hot of course. Simply aim a hair dryer at them for a few minutes, or run them under a hot tap. This technique works wonders, give it a try!

The Method is in the Application:

When frantically getting ready for work it’s normal to adapt to quick applying techniques, however this can have its consequences. Clumping of the lashes is not a desired look, so allow your mascara to dry for a minute or two before slapping on the next layer. This drying time will mean you’re gradually building up the volume and intensity, rather than reacting off impatience and resulting in clump creation.

Say No to Spider Lashes:

In continuation to the previous point, admittedly, clumpy lashes aren’t always avoidable. This could be due to you using a mascara that isn’t quite right for you, or if you’re simply just having a bad lash day, this is where the eye lash comb comes into play. Once you’ve applied your mascara, use the brush in an upward motion, from bottom to top to remove the unwanted blobs of mascara. Follow these tips for a precise step by step guide.

*Expert tip* Spray a light mist of hairspray over your closed eyes, this acts as a perfect fixative for your eye make-up. You must ensure you spray at a reasonable distance away from your face, perfect!

Preparing and Looking After your Lashes:

When you think of conditioning and priming the last thing you’ll think of is eyelash treatment. You can get conditioners that you can either apply before you go to sleep or 2 in 1 primers with conditioning agents in them for daytime use. We all like convenience and quickness so I suggest you give Rapid Shield a go. It doesn’t only protect and prime, it provides nourishment, whilst creating lustre lashes and shine in the process, this additional yet effortless beauty benefit is something us girls can’t resist! If you like this product, I suggest you then try the Rapid Lash Serum.

Eye Care:

With such busy lifestyles nowadays, even the best of days it can be easy to forget to take off our make-up. This can result in you waking up with panda eyes, but more importantly this can damage your eyes and can result in eye infections, and generally irritated tired looking eyes. Evidently this doesn’t directly impact your lashes, but if you want your lashes to look beautiful, it is just as important that the eyes they’re apart of are just as stunning. So simply keep life easy and leave eye wipes next to your bed and sweep them across your eyes just before you sleep. This will give your eyes a rest; maintaining eye health and resulting in a radiant appearance. Your eyes will wake up fresh and ready for you to apply your daily makeup routine.

Elite School of Beauty offers fully accredited makeup courses. To know more about this offer, visit our makeup course training page, the Facebook page or contact Clare Weyers directly on this number 01279 755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

How to Master the Perfect Brow: Preparation, Plucking and Styling

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Creating the perfect eyebrows can take preparation, patience and precision; yet once you master the technique they can truly transform your look. The face framers enhance your features, pulling them together effortlessly whilst making a bold yet elegant beauty statement.

So for all the first timers out there, who are guilty of plucking aimlessly; avoid potential disasters by following these simple steps in order to make the most of your beautiful brows!

perfect eyebrow essex

Shape Up.

This is a vital step towards eye brow success; as if it isn’t done properly it will have a knock on effect to the outcome. Firstly, sweep across your brows with an eyebrow brush, this won’t only establish their natural shape but it will help you separate the strays from your brows, as well as flattening them, both of which makes the plucking process, the next step, easier.

Once you’ve done that it is time to mark out the length and the positioning of the arch. The length is all based on your judgment, just remember they are meant to gracefully line your eyes, so more often than not, they start in line with your tear duct. In regards to the tail , have an experiment yet be realistic; the tail should form into a natural point.  Next mark out the structure by placing a dot with an eye brow pencil to form the preliminary length. With the arch, it will form naturally when you lift up the skin above your brows, where it goes into a point mark it with a dot. That’s your first stage complete!

The style of brow you choose is entirely up to you, as different eye shapes and face shapes suit various eye brow types, so be creative!

Time to Tweeze:

So you have now established the shape, I now start the tweezing process by determining the thickness, for example, the width of the brow. Get your pencil draw a line on the lower part, separating the strays from the bulk, I normally do this with the upper part of the brow as well. Once you’ve done this it is visibly clear what strays you need to tweeze out. In regards to the arch, find the dot you made so it can be used as a reference point; remove a row of hairs along the bottom, from your inner brow point to the peak point.

*Top Tip* – To make the experience a little less painful I advise to have a really warm shower just beforehand. I find this alleviates the pain as the heat opens up your pores. Also, while plucking, have a warm damp flannel to hand and keep dabbing it over the brow, it’s soothing but also the warmth dulls the sharp twinges! Here are some other tips for painless plucking for you to try

Fill the Gaps with Style:

Drawing on your eye brows is a no no; I prefer to use the phrase filling in the gaps as the pencil is meant to give your brows a fuller, polished look while defining the shape, not to draw them on! So firstly ensure you have chosen the right shade, then starting from the inside gently glide over your brows towards the outer brow to give definition.

Seal the Deal:

Last but not least, to ensure your hard work doesn’t get ruined as soon as you leave the house, place a thin layer of eyebrow wax over your brow. This wax acts as a fixative, so your precise pencil work doesn’t smudge, and makes your brows maintain a sleek defined look.

Want to learn more beauty tips and tricks? Clare Weyers from Elite School of Beauty is happy to share her advice! Call her now for a chat on this number 01279 755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk.


Natural Therapies: How to Make Your Own Homemade Lip Balm

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Sore cracked lips, for many of us, become the bane of our lives during the harsh winter months. Cold sharp winds can leave us hiding our faces in scarves to shield our lips from further discomfort. However, it’s not just the cold that affects their health; hot weather can also dry out and burn our lips, with dehydration and poor diet also being contributing factors.

diy homemade lip balm

Undeniably, applying lip balm onto your lips during the day does help to create a layer of protection from various weather conditions. Whether you’re somewhere hot on holiday or simply at home dealing with the typically cold UK climate, if your lips aren’t healing as quickly as you’d hoped then you are need of some lip SOS!

If you fancy getting creative and becoming your own lip balm maker, then try something a little different and take a look at these natural ingredients that are ideal for giving your lips overnight intensive therapy.

Honey and Petroleum Jelly:

This method won’t only make your lips lusciously silky and smooth but will be absorbed into your dry lips, restoring and locking in the moisture they’ve lost. Honey is a great form of treatment as its antibacterial properties encourage healing and help to prevent infections developing from cracked lips.

Just before bed-time, rub in a thin layer of pure honey onto your lips, and top it off with another thin layer of petroleum jelly. The jelly acts as a further barrier to keep the honey in place and adds extra moisture. The jelly may even curve the temptation of licking off the tasty honey!

Find a cure in Cucumber:

Cucumbers don’t just go well in a tuna sandwich; they have been associated with beauty regimes for quite a while now, especially to freshen up the eyes and reduce the appearance of bags. Now your lips can also reap the juicy benefits…

Turns out, the vegetable that is 90% water is an ideal preference in supplying moisture to your lips. It contains vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen. Collagen will make the skin tissue within your lips resilient and structured, so that they look healthy, luscious and full.

Lastly, the caffeic acid found in cucumber acts as a great supplier of UV protection. You may be having a great time in the 40 degree heat but your lips won’t be! The caffeic acid is perfect for dehydrated and dry lips that are affected by sun damage.

Simply cut up a couple of slices of raw fresh cucumber, rub your finger around the slice, just like you would a vaseline pot. Then apply the water to your lips, not bad for a vegetable you can pick up cheaply from your local shop.

A must for Mango:

Mangoes aren’t just delightfully tasty and refreshing, but they are also rich in fatty acids. Before this puts you off, these acids make mango butter a perfect emollient for your lips, making them superbly soft and moisturised, not to mention smelling lovely.

Here comes the science: the fats found in mango butter are composed of oleic and stearic acids, which are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. What does this jargon mean? I hear you say… Simply put, this means that one end attracts water, meaning your lips get the benefits of added moisture, while the other repels, acting as a waterproof shield to protect your lips. Perfect!

All you need to do is slice up a mango and squeeze out the juices into a cup or onto a plate, whichever is easiest, then apply onto your lips with your finger. Easy.

Sugar, Honey and Coconut Oil Paste:

The main crux of this sweet creation is that your lips are undergoing an exfoliating re-vamp to rid any old dry skin cells from the sugar, as well as being healed and smoothed by the honey and nourished by the coconut oil.

Simply heat the coconut oil to room temperature, stir regularly so you get rid of any hot air pockets. Mix the sugar in well until you achieve  a good consistency and the sugar is distributed evenly. Finally stir in the honey and you’re ready to go. The amount of ingredients you choose is your own preference, so have a little experiment. This one is great to make a large batch of and keep in a little pot next to your bed.

Alternatively, use the same method but replace the coconut oil with olive oil for another creative exfoliating combination. If you’re in a real rush, just pucker up and dab a thin layer of extra virgin oil onto your lips. This ancient natural beauty secret will help prevent dryness and possible chapping. Like all the examples, use at night for the extra intensive conditioning.


This method may not seem as pleasant or as tempting as the others previously mentioned, however our own natural oil, called sebum, acts as the perfect moisturiser and replenishing agent. Not to mention it is the cheapest and easiest (yet not always the most desirable) method.

Hair and skincare products focus on emulating the effects that sebum has, so why not go straight to the source. If you’re sat on the train or the bus, or walking to work and forgot your balm, quickly run your finger along the lower nostril and around the sides of your nose, then sweep your fingers over your lips. Yes, you’ll feel weird throughout the process yet you’ll be surprised! Your natural oil will lock in the moisture and waterproof your lips, go you.

Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin B:

It’s all well and good in curing sore and dry lips, but it is also a bonus if you can prevent them to begin with. B complex vitamins are supporters of healthy skin, so when you feel soreness, dryness or chapping brewing, make sure you stock up on vitamin B. Whether it is in the form of supplements, or even better, by consuming plenty of dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and lean meats.

Want to learn more beauty tips and tricks? Clare Weyers from Elite School of Beauty is happy to share her advice! Call her now for a chat on this number 01279 755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk.


The Top Seven Make-up Mistakes to Avoid

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Applying make-up is a part of most women’s daily routine, whether it’s in the morning before the start of the day, a mid-afternoon touch up or re-applying make-up that coincides with evening out attire.

beauty mistakes - essex beauty coursesIt is incredibly easy for people to fall into quick and easy make-up habits that are suitable for their busy lives, unaware that they’re committing some serious make-up blunders! Below are eight of the most common makeup mishaps, followed by simple solutions and product advice, to ensure you’re making the most out of your overall beauty regime.

Primer Perfection

Admittedly, people can be put off using primer, as it is often considered as time consuming and without any visible results. The most commonly asked question when people purchase make-up is: ‘does primer actually make a difference?’ The answer is yes! Applying primer prepares your skin as it smooths and fills any lines that foundation can visibly settle into. Not to mention that it helps to prevent foundation from wearing off throughout the day.

Here are some primers to try!

Skin Savvy

Before you start applying any make-up, even primer, prepare your skin. By this I mean exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. This removes any impurities and dry flaky skin. If you were to apply make-up without clearing your skin first, any make-up you apply will only sit on top, emphasising them even more. Having an effective skincare regime will make your skin glow naturally, so your make-up enhances rather than you being dependant on it!

 Foundation Failures

It’s safe to say that we have all been guilty of choosing the wrong foundation colour. Whether you test out suitable colours on the back of your hand in Boots, or you’re fair skinned so you think ‘ivory will do’ – that’s where you’re wrong! There are numerous shades that accommodate every skin colour. Ensure you allow yourself time and test the shades on your clean skin and in natural light. Some beauty stores such as Boots even offer consultations to get a true match!

Eyeliner Errors

There are three main errors when applying eyeliner: applying too much on the lower lid, using too much black, and not creating a straight line. Firstly, it is universally assumed that black outlines, especially on the lower lid, and make your eyes look bigger, but this is not the case! Thick black lines under the lower lashes make your eyes look smaller. Not to mention that it is easily smudged, which in turn makes you look tired. Use either a brown eyeliner for a subtle line or a light brown eye shadow. This defines your eyes making them look fresh and awake.

*Expert tip* To achieve a straight line on your upper lid, do not pull at the corner of your eye to apply, as this increases creases. Instead raise your chin with your eyes slightly open. Simple yet effective!

 Line the Lippy

Once again, lining your lips adds extra minutes to your busy schedule, yet it is more than worth it in order to have luscious looking lips. It is essential, especially when applying a dark shade, as the edges of your lips will look wobbly and smudged. So make your lips look well defined and sharp by using a lip liner. One crucial tip: ensure the liner is the same colour as your lipstick shade, especially if you’re using a pale lipstick. The lip liner is meant to be an invisible definer, not a bold visible outline!

Get further tips on applying lip liner here.

Mascara Mishaps

When it comes to applying mascara, people usually think bolder the better, which, depending on the look you’re after, can be the case. However, this doesn’t mean you apply more than two coats to your lashes. Clumpy spider lashes are a beauty no, no. Instead, find a mascara that contains volume enhancing ingredients, to avoid the over applying. This way you’ll have thick black lashes that also look softly defined.

Eye Shadow Excess

When it comes to eyeshadow, more doesn’t mean better. Subtlety is key, even when you’re getting dolled up for a night on the town. Youreye shadow palette may come with six different shades, but only use three maximum for a contoured look like Taylor Swift.  Dark for along the eyelashes to define, medium on the lid as the bulk and the light shade near the eyebrows to highlight. An explosion of colours will only over complicate your look; depending on the occasion, fancy dress would be applicable! During the day one simple shade swept across your lids or a simple colour eyeliner will be effective.

Looking to learn more make-up tips and tricks? Elite School of Beauty have a range of make-up courses available for all skill levels. Call us now for more details.

5 Make-Up Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Whether you were partying hard the night before or just want to brighten up your look, making your eyes look bigger is the first step to a fresher face.

Want a brighter, fresher looking face? Don’t have hours to spend on make-up perfection? We have compiled five fool proof tips on how you can make your eyes look bigger and more alluring in less than 30 minutes. Yes, it’s that quick!

1. Eye Bags, Be GONE!

Always get a smooth start. De-puffing eye bags is a surefire way to get your eyes looking and feeling more awake.  There are plenty of techniques to ‘de-puff.’ The most important part of the process is to apply something cold to the area, whether it’s the back of a spoon or a slice of cucumber. The cold application will calm any swelling or inflammation in minutes.

Expert Tip: Place a spoon in your fridge and leave it for a few minutes before placing it over your eyes. A quick tip with minimal prep work!

2. Brighten Dark Circles

Unfortunately, the appearance of those tiresome dark circles under your eyes can make you look older and more tired. The good new is that you can hide these circles with some nifty use of a good concealer that works with your skin tone.

Expert Tip: Using the right concealer can be doubly effective as it not only eliminates dark circles but can illuminate the entire eye area. Choose a shade that is lighter and warmer than your skin to lift and brighten up your peepers.

3. Curl and Apply Mascara

Curling your lashes will instantly make your eyes look bigger. Remember to pinch close the roots for the full effect, as clamping on the middle of your lashes will just result in bent lashes. To maximise the effect, apply lengthening mascara on your top lash.

Expert Tip: Do not over coat your lashes with mascara if you want to look fresh and awake. Worried about spidery lashes? Remove clumps by combing your lashes with a lash comb. If you don’t own a lash comb, you can wipe excess mascara on a tissue before applying.

4. Lighten the Waterline

Applying a light eye liner on the waterline can make your eyes appear brighter. Avoid dark eyeliners, as these can create shadows which have the opposite effect of making your eyes look smaller.

Expert Tip: Use eyeliner that has a creamy flesh-coloured tone instead of a white one. Flesh coloured eyeliners looks more natural than white eyeliners.

5. Highlight the Inner Corners

Ever wonder how models create those stunning, natural looking photographs without a filter or tonnes of makeup? It is because they know how to catch the light – or at least fake it. Applying a pearly highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes can create the appearance of wider, more open eyes. Look for highlighters that would compliment your skin tone for a natural look.

Expert Tip: Can’t decide what highlighter to use? Rosy cream highlighters are perfect for those of us with rosy pink undertones. Golden shades compliment yellow and olive undertones really well.

Looking to learn more make-up tips and tricks? Elite School of Beauty have a range of make-up courses available for all skill levels. Call us now for more details.

Eye make-up being applied on a make-up course

3 Autumn Make-Up Trends that are in Vogue

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Get make-up looking like it’s straight out of Vogue with these three Autumnal trends.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion shows were dominated by three very striking make-up trends this year. Though the natural look remains on the cards for the coming season, intense flashes of colour, metallics, and graphic eyeliner are set to liven things up.

Colour Flashes

Sapphire, azure, cerulean, indigo and electric blue shades are back for autumn thanks to Christian Dior. If you can keep the rest of your make-up low key, then a swipe of blue eyeshadow across the lids can be both bold and enchanting. A light application of glitter adds a magical finish to the look.

Top Tips for Blue Make-Up: Keep your blues to the upper lid with just a thin line under the lower lashes to highlight the eyes. If you have blue eyes, be careful not to match the colours up exactly or the focus will be taken away from the dramatic colouring.

Precious Metals

Metallic make-up was all over the New York fashion shows with luscious gold eyeliner at Badgley Mischka, shimmering silver shadow at Donna Karan and beautiful bronze lips at Rodarte. Precious metal tones can be completely mesmerizing. James Kaliardos, lips make-up artist at the Rodarte show, calls precious metal colours “fairy-tale makeup.”

Top Tips for Metallic Make-Up: Metal shades can be a bit intimidating if you’re not used to them. Start of with toned down golds and bronzes that will compliment your skin tone. When you’re ready for silver, try using your usual black eyeliner and glamming it up with a silver shadow along the outer edges of your eyes.

Graphic Black Liner

Fashion shows always reveal incredibly innovative eyeliner art and Autumn 2014 has been no exception. Eyeliner experts are amping up the lines to give the impression of an artist’s brush stroke to the liner. Lanvin was all about stippled black liner, while Dries Van Noten went for graphic black blocks.

Top Tips for Graphic Black Eyeliner: Don’t be afraid experiment. No one gets their graphic eyeliner style right without practice, so you’ve got to just go for it. There are plenty of more avant-garde looks making waves, but I think that minimal liner can be just as edgy. Try an outward flick to create a feline look.

Want to get your make-up looking like it’s straight out of Vogue? Our hair and make-up courses in Hertfordshire are the ideal way to learn, no prior experience necessary. Our make-up course covers professional techniques including colour correction, shading and highlighting.

Eye make-up being applied on a make-up course

How to Keep Cosmetics Clean and Your Skin Clear

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

woman holding make up brushesClare from Elite School of Beauty gives her top tips on how to keep cosmetics clean to avoid acne and skin breakouts.

Ever have breakouts on your face and not know why? It’s might be down to your make-up. As your cosmetics age, bacteria and mould will set in. Wiping that bad bacteria all over your face when you moisturise, blush and apply could lead to breakouts and even infections. Avoid skincare disasters by sanitising your make-up and keeping your cosmetics clean.

Wash and Dry Your Hands Before Applying Make-up

The first step to preventing bacteria from spreading in your cosmetics is to make sure your hands are clean before you apply your make-up each morning. Make-up can be contaminated by the oils, bacteria and germs that can be found on your skin and hands. It’s important to wash your hands in warm water with soap and dry on a clean towel before applying your make-up, especially if you use your fingers to do so.

Wash Make-up Brushes After Use

After use, wash all of your make-up brushes and applicators. The secret to successfully washing them is to use a mixture that is half water and half baby shampoo. Dip the brushes into the solution and massage the bristles to ensure that they are cleaned all the way through. Rinse the brushes under warm water and lay on a towel to air dry.

Wipe Off the Top Layer of Powder Products

Every time you use blushes, foundation or any other powdered make-up product, you need to wipe off the top layer. Unwanted bacteria can stick onto dry products easily, which means a cleaning routine is really important. Wiping the top layer will get rid of any oils that might have settled there and prevent them from being transferred to your skin.

Don’t Use Mascara that’s More than 6 Weeks Old

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this one, but using old mascara could cause eye infections and sties on your eyelids. Mascara develops bacteria just like all other cosmetics and when you apply it to your eyelashes, you’re spreading the bacteria dangerously close to the eye itself. Better safe than sorry, throw it out after six weeks.

Sanitise All Make-up Products

It’s essential that we all routinely sanitise our make-up products too. Get yourself a little spray bottle and fill it with undiluted rubbing alcohol. Spray the alcohol directly onto make-up a few times and be sure to completely coat the products. The alcohol will dry and evaporate quickly, so it won’t cause any damage to your powders, creams or liquids, but it will ensure that they’re germ-free.

Elite School of Beauty specialise in make up courses in Hertfordshire. If you want to learn more about the art of make-up and how to properly clean your products, Elite School of Beauty’s one or two day make-up courses might be for you.

Make up trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up, Trends

Having been in the Beauty industry for nearly 20 years and now teaching every aspect at my Training School Elite School of Beauty Therapy, I wanted to share with you the Hair and Makeup trends for this Spring and summer.

I constantly get asked what colour trends are about throughout the year and it’s my job to keep up to date and current for me to pass onto my students and for them to pass onto their clients. So here goes…….

Firstly we’re going to look at the eyes for the up and coming season. For my first on-trend look it’s all about bright eyes with colours including Duck egg blues, greens, rose petal pink, warm peach and sparkly Lilac giving an amazing eye-catching and smooth glittery look. These looks can be applied all over the eyes or just as a line in the crease of your eyelids. Try keeping your lips nude and your cheeks with just a hint of warmth (A look favoured by Stella McCartney for her models).

Our next looks for the eyes is the classic smoky look, but instead of it all being about grey, apply in the same way but with gold’s, bronzes and silvers. Grey still has its place but by using these alternative colours, it brings a whole fresher feel to this look. Try pulling the eye shadow out in a wing-like shape over the whole eye and maybe add some Diamante’s for a real show stopping look. Despite some people thinking this is just an evening look, try it out in the day and I’ll think you’ll be surprised as to how wearable and flexible this look can be.

Nude make up never seems to go out of fashion and this year is no different! If the bright or smoky eyes aren’t for you then just apply a hint of foundation giving a natural and fresh look with a subtle warm hue of blusher lightly brushed over the cheeks with natural glowing lips to give an amazing illuminating effect that everyone can wear.

Lastly I’m going to talk about lips! This season it’s all about the bright cerise pink, post box red, rose hues applied in crayon form or if you still like a sheer gloss, which works equally as well. Or try teaming delicate grey eye shadow with Aubergine lips for a more glamorous look and one used by Dolce and Gabbana.

Ultimately if you want to go for bright lips then team them with a slightly nuder eye and if you want to go bright eyed then ideally go nude on the lips!


Clare Weyers

Elite Beauty School