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Nail Course Secrets! How to Have Healthy and Fabulous Nails

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We all want our nails to look great, but this goes beyond just a great nail polish colour.  Keeping your nails healthy is crucial to making them look fabulous. Our nail course in Essex has so many tips for taking care of your nails, here we will let you in on those secrets!

Neatly manicured hands you can achieve at our Essex nail course

One of the questions I frequently get asked at my beauty training school in Essex is, “how can I look after my nails?” or “What advice can I give my clients to look after their nails?” Nails can look gorgeous with nail art and different colours, but taking care of the nail underneath the colour is what’s important.

Mayo Clinic staff claim that our fingernails can indicate if we have other health problems within the body. Taking the time to look after them and notice any changes in colour, shape or thickness is imperative. Nails should be taken care of like any other part of your body, if they are healthy, then you are (probably) healthy. Find out more with our nail course secrets!

Nail Course Secret #1 – Look After Your Hands and Nails

If you take care of your hands, your nails will also benefit. Bacteria can very easily get under your nails, which is why it’s important to keep them clean. Think about activities such as washing up. Your hands and nails are exposed to dirty water, this is why it’s crucial to use washing up gloves.  

Biting your nails has some health risks, as well as simply being a bad habit. Any bacteria from your mouth will be transferred to your nails which is why it’s important to kick the habit.

Washing your hands after they get dirty or become exposed to bacteria is a sure way to help keep hands and nails clean. Moisturising is essential for healthy hands and nails.

You can buy a hand and nail cream in one, giving your hands and nails the regular TLC they need.

Nail Course Secret #2 – Give Your Nails Time to Breathe

Nail polishes and remover do contain some chemicals. Over a long period of time, they can weaken the nail. With this in mind, it’s beneficial to allow your nails time to breathe, and to be polish-free for a few days.

Bright nail polishes can sometimes stain the nail. To help protect your nails from stains, add a base coat. This acts as a barrier and protective layer between the nail polish and your actual nail. This should help to prevent any stains remaining after removing the colour.

When it comes to nail polish remover, you may have heard that it’s better to use non-acetone remover. If you frequently paint your nails then this is definitely the case. Acetone is very strong and can easily dry out your nails. However due to this strength, when removing very dark or very bright colours, it is more effective.

Whichever nail polish and remover you use, remember to moisturise and take care of your hands and nails. Frequently using nail varnish and remover can take its toll, so give your nails a break once in awhile.

Nail Course Secret #3 – Take Care of Your Cuticles

Depending on your daily routine, your cuticles can bear the brunt of a lot of harsh activities and pain, causing them to become very raw. The role of the cuticle is to protect the nail from becoming infected, which is why it is necessary to take good care of them.

While some say it’s okay to trim the cuticle area, others argue that it should be left alone altogether. The important thing is not to break the cuticle, as this leads to the nail being open and exposed to bacteria and infection. You’ll find that some manicurists will push them back, this is okay, as long as the cuticle doesn’t break.  

As well as taking the time to moisturise your hands and nails, you can also invest specifically in cuticle oil. This will help with dry cuticles and nails, generally helping to keep them in better condition.

Our nail course in Essex can teach you all the best ways to have healthy and fabulous nails. There are a variety of different nail courses on offer, depending what skills you would like to learn. Call us on 01279 755077 to find out how you can start a nail course today!

Nail Trends for the Spring Season (plus Top Tips)

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Spring is finally here, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet! The experts from our nail course in Essex share with you the top nail trends for Spring, and how you can do them yourself.

Spring manicure/nail art for women in gentle tones with flowers design.


Fashion week gave us a peek at what nail trends we can expect in the upcoming months. An array of different tones and colours were flaunted by the models, many of which will be the top trends this Spring. Find inspiration and ideas below, and learn about how our nail course in Essex can help you get perfect looking nails at home.

Nail Varnish Colours: Pastel and Neutral

A consistent theme you’ll see this Spring is pastel, light and neutral nail varnish colours. Lilac, rose petal, and pale blue are all going to be on the red carpet, and soon to be disappearing from the shelves in the shops! Wearing neutral and pastel colours means your nails will go with a variety of different outfits and styles. There is also so many different shades to choose from, so pick your favourite few and try them out.

Nail Art: Flower Power

Spring is well renowned as the season where the sun comes out and brightly coloured flowers greet us in parks. For this reason, it’s no surprise that having flower nail art during the Spring is a sure way to have great looking nails. Depending how bold you want them to look, or how confident you feel doing designs, the flower look can go a number of different ways. There are very simple ways to do flower designs, but also some more complex techniques, for those of you who are more steady handed and ambitious.

Nail Course Top Tips

Our nail courses in Essex range from learning about nail extensions, manicures, and nail art. Our courses offer expert advice for those wanting to become nail technicians, and teach all the techniques and skills to do so. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn on our nail course…

  1. Always use a basecoat

You may have heard this said before but it’s definitely true. Base coats help to make your nail varnish colour last longer, as it gives the varnish something to stick to. It’s like using a primer before foundation, it makes it look even better for longer! What’s more, some nail varnish colours are very bright and the colours can cling to your nail afterwards, a base coat acts as an extra layer of protection.

  1. Thin layers are better

When applying nail varnish, it’s important to do thin layers of polish. The thicker the layer, the more likely it is to chip away. Applying two or three thin coats of nail varnish is a much better option to make your nail varnish last longer.

  1. Paint your nails at the optimum time

Painting your nails in a rush is always a bad idea. If you’re going out or doing a task shortly afterwards, the risk of smudging them is much higher. Painting your nails just before you have a shower is also a bad idea, as hot water does not mix well with fresh nail varnish. Take time when you paint your nails, sit down, put on some music or watch a film, and allow them to have plenty of time to dry.

  1. Nail art tips

Although nail art can be tricky to do yourself at home, check out our nail art ideas for inspiration. You’ll need a steady hand and plenty of time to get it right, but once you start being able to do simple designs, you can move onto more complex ones. If you really want to learn some nail art skills, try our nail art course here in Essex.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex offer a range of nail courses in Essex. We can help you to decide which nail course is best for you and you can soon learn how to do all the nail trends yourself, and able to offer the service to others too.

Which is the Best Nail Course in Essex?

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There is a variety of nail treatments available, each one providing a different look or style. Before it gets too overwhelming, let us help you decide which nail course to choose.

Nail Courses Essex manicure set

Having a career in beauty is fulfilling in so many ways. Nail courses are always a solid way to get beauty work as the demand for nail treatment is high. Nail varnish outsold lipstick in 2015, and on average, women get their nails done at the salon twice a month. This demonstrates that the desire to have great looking nails is a trend which is here to stay.

What’s more, new ideas, trends, and treatments are always emerging, meaning it’s an exciting and creative industry to work in. Deciding which beauty course is best for you can be difficult and if you’ve decided you want to work in the nail industry, you are then faced with which nail course to choose! We’re here to help you decide, and tell you about the nail courses we offer in Essex at Elite School of Beauty Therapy.

Types of Nail Courses in Essex

Our nail courses in Essex are a great option for those who want to do a short beauty course and learn the skills required as soon as possible. Here are our most popular nail courses:

Manicure and Pedicure Courses  – We offer these as two separate courses. The manicure and pedicure are the bread and butter of any nail technician. The course teaches you hand and foot massage treatment, the indulgence which everyone looks forward to when having this treatment at the salon. The courses go through the standard techniques you will need to do the treatment: nail shaping, cuticle work, exfoliation and more.

Nail Art Courses – Going beyond colour, nail art is on trend. Multi-tones, glitter, shapes, animals and gemstones… you name it, it can be done with nail art. Even bubble nails have had their fifteen minutes of fame. Nail art can be done both natural and artificial nails. You’ll need a steady hand for this one but if you like to be creative, it’s an ideal course to choose.

Nail Extensions  – For this nail course you will need to have completed the manicure course. There are two different nail extension courses, one teaching about acrylic nails, and the other about UV gel. Both courses will go through how to apply the nail extensions to make them look natural for clients.

Party Nails Course – This is a relatively new nail course which teaches learners about nail extensions for special occasions. These type of nail extensions require little maintenance and are easily removed. They look really natural so if it’s just for a one-off event, these are a perfect solution.

Choosing the right nail course

The manicure and pedicure nail courses are both crucial if you want to work in the nail industry and become a nail technician. Once you attend this beauty course, you’ll be able to understand much more about nails, treatment of nails, and deciding if you think it is the right choice for you.

Once you have these skills and qualifications, you’ll be able to apply for nail technician jobs in salons.

The other courses allow you to build on your initial skills, making you stand out to potential employers and able to offer more to your clients. The nail art course is an ideal option to get creative and show off your artistic skills.

Do you work in the wedding or events industry as a beautician? If so, acquiring the skills to be able to do nails for these events is a sure way to make you stand out from competitors. The party nails course is ideal if you want to be able to offer that something a little bit extra, and as a short course it won’t take long for you to become qualified.

Whichever nail course you choose, the nail industry is a fantastic place to work. To find out more about our nail courses in Essex, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01297 755077.

Acrylic Nail Styles For The Festive Season

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Acrylic nail courses hertfordshireThe festive season is here! Whether you love it or hate it, you won’t be able to escape it! December is filled with presents, parties, food, drink, and relaxing with family and friends. Christmas is a great time to feel stylish and dress up, and what better way to do this than with acrylic nails? Looking for some inspiration? Here are some tips and ideas to help you decide how to style your acrylic nails for the festive season.

Why choose acrylic nails?

If you want to wear artificial nails then using acrylic is one of the best options as it can make the artificial nail more sturdy and durable. Here at Elite School of Beauty Therapy we run acrylic nail courses in Hertfordshire. Having acrylic nails applied in a salon is the best option as doing it at home can tricky. For Christmas you want them to look as sleek and professional as possible.

What festive styles can I do with acrylic nails?

There are so many different designs that can be done on acrylic nails. With artificial nails there is plenty of space on them to implement some really creative and festive designs. Pinterest have some great visual ideas, below are my tips and ideas to get you thinking about what you might like:

Outfit Choice – Got a work Christmas party coming up which you specifically want great looking nails for?  Think about what you’ll be wearing and what you want to go with the outfit. Do you want your nails to stand out and contrast with your style, or would you rather pick a colour to match your outfit?

How Many Nails– The next thing to think about is whether you want designs on all of your nails, or just a few. Having designs on all of them can look very creative and fun, but just one or two can be great for accentuating a certain part of your outfit.

Design Ideas – Do you want your nails to look creative and extravagant, or a bit more subtle? A design such a snowflake is subtle and festive. On the other hand, if you want something really special, why not opt for something snazzy like a snowman, christmas tree or reindeer?

Colours – If you don’t want something too OTT but still want to get into the festive spirit then it’s all about picking the right colours. Long gone are those summer colours of yellow and pink. The top festive colours are red, green, silver and gold. However, if none of these colours take your fancy then picking another colour and adding some glitter can definitely give you more of a festive look.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex have a variety of nail courses, including an acrylic nail course. Find out more information here and make sure your nails look fabulous this festive season!

How To Sparkle This Autumn With Glitter Nails

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It’s that time of year again, the nights are slowly drawing in, the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, and you can even see a few odd Christmas things creep into the shops (eek!). However, before all that we are now in the autumn season, so put your coat on, grab your boots and look fabulous by having nails that sparkle with glitter.

Glitter Nails Courses Essex

Why Glitter?

We all love painting our nails, and trying out new nail art ideas is always great fun. Our nail courses in Essex are perfect for showing you how to get fab looking nails. However, having that sparkle really makes your nails stand out with an outfit and can add something special. Glitter nail polish can come in so many different colours, to match whatever you’re wearing, and to give you a brighter look.

Celebrities such as Kelly Rowland and Paris Hilton are styling bright glitter nails. They both go for different looks; either matching to the colour of an outfit, or going for a stark contrast. Whatever you’re in the mood for, either of these ideas are great!

Tips and Ideas

People are starting to get really creative with glitter on their nails, thinking of brand new ways to sparkle. Here’s some of our tips for creating snazzy glitter nails this autumn:

  • Always take care of your nails and make sure they are in good condition. Mayo Clinic give a great run down to taking care of them, including keeping nails dry and clean, using moisturiser and strengthening nails with a protective layer. This will be great for making your nails look even better.
  • You can get so many nail polishes which are glitter filled these days. In order to make sure you get the best colour and look, its best to put a base colour on first. If you have red glitter, put a red colour on underneath to add extra colour; this way the colour will sparkle brighter.
  • If you don’t have any glitter nail polish, fear not, you can actually just use some regular glitter. This trend is really setting off and it simple to do. Put a clear base coat on your nails and then simply dip your finger in the glitter. Be sure to rub off the excess around your nail, then put a top coat on to keep it lasting longer.
  • If you just want to add a bit of glitter then you can easily just do the top part of your nail. For this you’ll need some tape or tip guides. Simply put the tape near the top of your nail, leaving the top part of the nail exposed, then add the glitter. Make sure you’ve already done a base coat which is thoroughly dry so the tape doesn’t stick to it and remove it.


Nail courses in Essex are available at Elite School Of Beauty Therapy. Learn all the techniques and design fabulous looking nails for clients. Call 01279 755075 to find out more details and check out what courses are available here.


How To Get Fabulous Nails With These Artistic Ideas

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Nail Treatment courses in EssexHaving bright and fantastic looking nails makes us feel confident and happy about the way we look. If you’ve tried all your nail polish colours and want something new, we’ve got some creative ideas for you to try out to make your nails look extra fabulous.

The great news is there are so many things you already have in your home which can help you to create nail art. Follow these simple steps to prepare before getting started:

  1. House Hunt – Not literally, you don’t need to look for somewhere new to live. However, you need to hunt and rummage in your house to find one or more of the following to design your new nails: Sellotape, toothpick or a bobby pin and a small make-up brush.
  2. Prepare Your Area – If this is your first time doing nail art then it could get messy. Clear your table or floor and move anything you don’t want to get nail varnish on. Putting tissues down is often wise as well.
  3. Base Coat – Apply a base coat to your nails first as this can give longer lasting results, as well as being beneficial for nails. It also makes it easier to apply the nail varnish.
  4. Colour – The next step is to pick your colours. You’ll need at least two, depending on how creative you want to be! You can check out which colour combinations work well to get some inspiration. Put your first colour on and wait thoroughly for it to dry.

Now, you are ready to start being creative! Which one will you try first?

Polka Dot Fun

Take either a bobby pin or toothpick and dab the tip into the second chosen colour. Carefully add as many spots as you would like to the nails to create a polka dot look. When dry, paint over with clear nail polish for the finish and long-lasting care.

Dual Colour Design

Who knew sellotape could be used for so much more than just sticking things together? Using sellotape allows you to be creative in many different ways. Cut the tape into different shapes, in half or thin strips, if you have crinkly scissors then use these. Carefully place the sellotape on your nail, covering half the nail, then paint your next colour on top. Wait until dry and then slowly peel the sellotape off. You’ll be left with a dual colour nail. If you’re feeling more confident, then add an extra colour too.

Multi-coloured Mixture

Make sure you don’t mind sacrificing a small make-up brush to create some fabulous nail designs. Soft bristles work best. Dip the brush into the nail pot, or if it doesn’t fit, pour a little bit onto a piece of paper and dip the brush in there. Next, gently swipe the brush across your nails horizontally. Do this with as many colours as you wish to get the look you want.

Three simple ways to get fabulous bright nails. If you rummage around your house some more, you never know what you can find to make even more artistic designs.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offer Nail Treatment courses in Essex. Learn to do nail art, manicures, pedicures, and much more. For more details about the nail courses, check them out here or call Clare on 01279 755077.


3 Top Tips for Beautifully Strong & Healthy Nails

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nail treatment tipsTired of weak nails that split, peel and break? Do you dream of having beautifully strong, healthy nails that you can grow easily and be proud to have on show? Add these 3 top tips to your daily beauty routine and live the dream!

We rely on our hands more than we might think to give a good first impression. Neat, healthy and well cared for hands and nails are an essential aspect of a complete and well turned-out appearance. It is no wonder then that most of us strive and long for strong, beautiful looking nails that we can be proud of.

There is a lot of advice out there about the best way to achieve this, so much so that it can become a minefield. But fear not! Beautiful, healthy looking nails are possible and relatively easy to achieve with a bit of thought, care and attention.

Here are my top 3 tips for beautifully strong and healthy nails.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

A good daily moisturising routine is essential for keeping our skin healthy as well as looking and feeling great. While many of us use face creams and body lotions as second nature, often our hands can become neglected.

Hand cream and moisturisers are great for your nails. Regular use can help reduce the risk of nail breakages as your nails begin to retain the moisture from the cream. For maximum benefit, try to use hand cream morning and night, concentrating on massaging it into the cuticle area as much as possible. Moisturiser will naturally target the cuticle area, but massaging will help to stimulate the blood supply and encourage healthy nail growth.

Adopt Good Filing Technique

Filing your nails is an essential part of healthy nail care and maintenance. However, many people may not realise that knowing and using the proper filing technique can significantly reduce the risk of nail breakages. Here are some top tips for perfect filing:

  1. Never use a sawing motion when filing nails as this causes heat which will cause the free edge to weaken, split and peel. Instead, use long flowing movements in one direction only.
  2. Never use a metal file! Metal files are coarsely grained and harsh; don’t be tempted into using rough grain files to cut down filing time. For natural nails a fine grain file or emery board between 40-100 grit is ideal. Any files above 100 grit are intended for use on fake nails, i.e. acrylic, gel or fibreglass.
  3. If you have very long nails, then always clip them down to the basic desired shape before filing. Clipping the nail makes your filing process easier and helps to prevent splitting.

For a visual demonstration of good filing technique check out this YouTube video.

*Expert tip* While filing can be used to create some cool looking nail shapes like the ‘Almond’, ‘Stiletto’ or ‘Ballerina’, these shapes can also weaken the nail and make them more susceptible to breaks. If you want to file your nails this way, then be even more careful with your filing technique and be sure to moisturise regularly to encourage that healthy nail growth!

Get The Right Nutrients For Your Nails

The way your nails look and feel can be greatly affected by what you eat. Making good food choices can have great benefits for the health of your nails and surrounding skin, keeping them strong and looking great. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables alongside drinking plenty of water means your body can absorb the nutrients that your nails (as well as your skin and hair) need for healthy growth.

Nails are made of keratin, a protein, making a protein rich diet invaluable for strong healthy nails. Meat (or meat substitutes like tofu), eggs, beans, pulses and fish are all great sources of protein. Fish (in particular oily fish like salmon and tuna) is also a great source of omega-3 essential fats, another key nutrient for keeping nails strong and healthy. Other foods containing omega-3 that are great for helping keep nails strong and split-free include walnuts, almonds and flax seeds.

For more information and nutritional tips to improve the overall health of your nails check out ‘Eat your way to stronger, healthy nails’ by Dr. Joey Shulman, author of ‘The Natural Makeover Diet’.

Elite School of Beauty offers fully accredited nail treatment courses. To know more about this offer, visit our nail treatment course training page, the Facebook page or contact Clare Weyers directly by telephone on 01279 755077. You can also email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk.