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How To Sparkle This Autumn With Glitter Nails

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Nails

It’s that time of year again, the nights are slowly drawing in, the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, and you can even see a few odd Christmas things creep into the shops (eek!). However, before all that we are now in the autumn season, so put your coat on, grab your boots and look fabulous by having nails that sparkle with glitter.

Glitter Nails Courses Essex

Why Glitter?

We all love painting our nails, and trying out new nail art ideas is always great fun. Our nail courses in Essex are perfect for showing you how to get fab looking nails. However, having that sparkle really makes your nails stand out with an outfit and can add something special. Glitter nail polish can come in so many different colours, to match whatever you’re wearing, and to give you a brighter look.

Celebrities such as Kelly Rowland and Paris Hilton are styling bright glitter nails. They both go for different looks; either matching to the colour of an outfit, or going for a stark contrast. Whatever you’re in the mood for, either of these ideas are great!

Tips and Ideas

People are starting to get really creative with glitter on their nails, thinking of brand new ways to sparkle. Here’s some of our tips for creating snazzy glitter nails this autumn:

  • Always take care of your nails and make sure they are in good condition. Mayo Clinic give a great run down to taking care of them, including keeping nails dry and clean, using moisturiser and strengthening nails with a protective layer. This will be great for making your nails look even better.
  • You can get so many nail polishes which are glitter filled these days. In order to make sure you get the best colour and look, its best to put a base colour on first. If you have red glitter, put a red colour on underneath to add extra colour; this way the colour will sparkle brighter.
  • If you don’t have any glitter nail polish, fear not, you can actually just use some regular glitter. This trend is really setting off and it simple to do. Put a clear base coat on your nails and then simply dip your finger in the glitter. Be sure to rub off the excess around your nail, then put a top coat on to keep it lasting longer.
  • If you just want to add a bit of glitter then you can easily just do the top part of your nail. For this you’ll need some tape or tip guides. Simply put the tape near the top of your nail, leaving the top part of the nail exposed, then add the glitter. Make sure you’ve already done a base coat which is thoroughly dry so the tape doesn’t stick to it and remove it.


Nail courses in Essex are available at Elite School Of Beauty Therapy. Learn all the techniques and design fabulous looking nails for clients. Call 01279 755075 to find out more details and check out what courses are available here.


Bibi Brows: A New Course That Will Teach You How To Give Clients Perfect Eyebrows

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex are bringing you an exclusive new course that will teach you how to give your clients the eyebrow makeover of their dreams. This new beauty training course in Essex is a sure way to get clients the best results, with training lasting one or two days depending on experience. Want to find out more? Here’s all you need to know about the new Bibi Brows Course.

Bibi Brows Course Essex

What are Bibi Brows?

The aim is to design the perfect brow to fit somebody’s face, no matter their age, face shape or style. Once you’ve completed our course you’ll be able to give any client a full eyebrow revamp, pulling out at the stops to make them look fabulous.

The treatment involves face shape diagnosis, eyebrow measuring, tinting, waxing, tweezing, trimming, threading and makeup to design a perfect eyebrow shape. Going into depth on the complexities of these different methods will allow you to achieve the perfect brow for any client.

Why are Eyebrow Treatments becoming more popular?

Many celebrities are investing in having work done on their eyebrows. Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows are a hot feature, and celebrities such as Amanda Holden are making their brows stand out more to fit their face. Treatments are going beyond waxing and threading to find new ways to design the whole brow, giving women more confidence in their look.

Online, people are talking about ways in which treatment has transformed their face; expressing the multiple benefits of having a strong brow, and the difference this has made to their appearance.

Why Choose Bibi Brows?

Bibi Brows has been created specifically by Clare Weyers in Essex. As a brand new course, you can be one of the first to learn how to offer this treatment to clients. You can earn up to £25 per session and, with the right skills, your clients will be referring their friends in no time. Whether you are starting out in beauty or want to develop your current skills further, there are courses available for all ability levels.

The course will cover all the necessary skills such as face shape diagnosis, brow make up colours, and brow measuring (plus many more.) In addition, the course will also talk you through the health, safety and hygiene procedures involved, which are equally important for treatment.

People want to improve their eyebrow shape so that they look more youthful, can experiment with a new style, or to balance their facial features. If you want to be one of the first to learn these skills and expand your client base by offering this treatment, then look no further.

To be the first to try this brand new eyebrow treatment course in Essex, call Elite School of Beauty Therapy on 01279 755077 and be sure to find out how you can get £100 off with our special offer.

How To Get Fabulous Nails With These Artistic Ideas

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Nails

Nail Treatment courses in EssexHaving bright and fantastic looking nails makes us feel confident and happy about the way we look. If you’ve tried all your nail polish colours and want something new, we’ve got some creative ideas for you to try out to make your nails look extra fabulous.

The great news is there are so many things you already have in your home which can help you to create nail art. Follow these simple steps to prepare before getting started:

  1. House Hunt – Not literally, you don’t need to look for somewhere new to live. However, you need to hunt and rummage in your house to find one or more of the following to design your new nails: Sellotape, toothpick or a bobby pin and a small make-up brush.
  2. Prepare Your Area – If this is your first time doing nail art then it could get messy. Clear your table or floor and move anything you don’t want to get nail varnish on. Putting tissues down is often wise as well.
  3. Base Coat – Apply a base coat to your nails first as this can give longer lasting results, as well as being beneficial for nails. It also makes it easier to apply the nail varnish.
  4. Colour – The next step is to pick your colours. You’ll need at least two, depending on how creative you want to be! You can check out which colour combinations work well to get some inspiration. Put your first colour on and wait thoroughly for it to dry.

Now, you are ready to start being creative! Which one will you try first?

Polka Dot Fun

Take either a bobby pin or toothpick and dab the tip into the second chosen colour. Carefully add as many spots as you would like to the nails to create a polka dot look. When dry, paint over with clear nail polish for the finish and long-lasting care.

Dual Colour Design

Who knew sellotape could be used for so much more than just sticking things together? Using sellotape allows you to be creative in many different ways. Cut the tape into different shapes, in half or thin strips, if you have crinkly scissors then use these. Carefully place the sellotape on your nail, covering half the nail, then paint your next colour on top. Wait until dry and then slowly peel the sellotape off. You’ll be left with a dual colour nail. If you’re feeling more confident, then add an extra colour too.

Multi-coloured Mixture

Make sure you don’t mind sacrificing a small make-up brush to create some fabulous nail designs. Soft bristles work best. Dip the brush into the nail pot, or if it doesn’t fit, pour a little bit onto a piece of paper and dip the brush in there. Next, gently swipe the brush across your nails horizontally. Do this with as many colours as you wish to get the look you want.

Three simple ways to get fabulous bright nails. If you rummage around your house some more, you never know what you can find to make even more artistic designs.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offer Nail Treatment courses in Essex. Learn to do nail art, manicures, pedicures, and much more. For more details about the nail courses, check them out here or call Clare on 01279 755077.


The Joys And Benefits Of Working In The Beauty Industry

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

beauty therapy courses essexEver thought about working in the beauty industry? According to a 2014 survey, hairdressing and beauty salon managers ranked 73rd out of nearly 300 professions for job satisfaction, with a 7.5 score. Vicars and clergy came out on top with an 8.2 level of satisfaction. However, for those of us who don’t feel our calling is within the church, the beauty industry offers an exciting and fashionable alternative.

The Benefits Of Beauty Training

There are multiple benefits for those that train to work in the beauty industry. It’s a true investment towards a long-term, successful career.

Buzzing Business –  In 2014, the UK saw a 24% rise in turnover in spas and salons combined. This staggering amount reflects the nature of the beauty industry and the high demand for both the products and services.

Location – No matter where you are living in the country, your services will always be required. As mentioned above, the industry is buzzing and with one in three women always applying make-up before leaving the house, you can be assured that wherever you live, people will always want beauty services.

Flexibility – Not all beauty salons are 9 to 5; people require appointments before and after work, or on the weekend. This could fit in perfectly with your lifestyle if you have children to look after or other responsibilities.


The Joys Of The Job

If you don’t want a job sat down all day, enduring long meetings, doing the same thing day in and day out, then this is definitely the industry for you.

Sociable – Even if you’re only with a client for half an hour giving a manicure or waxing, you can have a real chat with somebody and get to know them. You’ll have customers who you’ll see regularly that you’ll really get to know and form a relationship with. You can be involved in weddings, parties, babies being born, so it’s an exciting way to meet new people. As well as clients, you work with a team of people everyday and get to know them as well, you’re not communicating in meetings or emails but face to face.

Diversity – As well as having different clients every day, your daily routine will also vary. Depending on your speciality means you will be doing something different everyday. Hairstyles vary for individuals, make up choices differ for complexions, and nail choices must match outfits and personalities. The variety keeps the job new and interesting on a daily basis.

Helping Clients – Clients have a real need for a brand new hairstyle, fabulous looking nails, or ultimate relaxation through Reiki healing, and they’ll be deeply thankful when you fulfil that need. All the treatments you give clients will help them in one way or another. Boosting confidence, de-stressing or just being someone to chat to, you make them feel good about themselves and how they look. You can feel happy in the knowledge that the service and product you are offering will help your clients.


Elite School Of Beauty Therapy offer a variety of beauty training in Essex. Ranging from hairdressing, nails, waxing and reiki courses, plus many more. Call Clare Weyers on 01279 755077 to find out more or read the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about what the course can offer you and your career.


A Basic Guide To Facials

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Spa and Reflexology

facial spa treatment course essexFind out more about what a facial involves and how your skin can benefit from a professional spa treatment.

What Is A Facial?

A facial is a deep cleaning treatment that restores a healthy, clear complexion. There are many types of facial treatments, but the basic treatment involves cleansing the skin to lift and remove any dead skin, followed by the application of a toner to balance your skin’s PH level. The final stage is moisturising the skin in order to rehydrate.

A professional spa facial usually includes a scalp massage as well as a brief consultation to assess the skin type and decide what type of facial is needed for each individual. The treatment will usually take around an hour.

The Steps Of A Facial

Consultation: This is where you will be asked about your skin type, concerns, allergies, general health and medication. Many aspects of your life have an effect on your skin and so the more information you give, the more precise the treatment will be.

Cleansing: The esthetician thoroughly cleans your face with cotton pads and wipes to remove any dirt. From here the esthetician can begin the facial.

Skin Analysis: This is where the esthetician determines your basic skin type. With a magnifying lamp, he or she can decide if you have dry, oily or combination skin as well as diagnosing any skin conditions such as acne, sun damage or dehydration. From there, the esthetician can choose the best products and treatments for your skin.

Steam: This step helps the customer fully relax while softening their skin and opening the pores.

Exfoliation: The esthetician will slowly massage product into your skin to gently rub away the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin.

Extraction: Here, the esthetician will begin to manually remove any blackheads or whiteheads. This is an optional step depending on your wants, needs and pain tolerance.

Facial Massage: Using the correct technique, a massage will not only relax you, but also stimulate the blood flow and facial muscles.

Facial Mask: There are many different types of facemask that work on different skin types. After the facemask has been applied, the esthetician will usually give you a scalp massage

Finally: This is the step where the esthetician applies the toner, serums and moisturizer to the skin.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offers fully accredited facial training courses . To learn more about this offer, visit our facial course training page and Facebook page, contact Clare Weyers directly on 01279755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

5 Makeup Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

makeup beauty tips essexMakeup tips to improve your application technique.

Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

This is a big no-no. Makeup settles in your pores, causing them to block and expand. If you are too tired to complete your evening cleaning routine, keep a bag of cleansing wipes next to your bed. That way you can remove any makeup before you go to to sleep.

Using Too Much Bronzer

Bronzer should be carefully blended to give you that sun-kissed look, so don’t over apply it to your face. Instead, blend a subtle bronzer into the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead.

Applying Too Much Foundation

We all want a perfectly even skin tone, but applying too much foundation not only stops your pores from breathing, but it can make you look as if you are wearing a mask. Instead apply the foundation to your t-zone area and slowly blend it into the rest of your face. Remember that less is always more.

Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Foundation

We have all done this at one point or another, but this is something that is easily fixed. When buying foundation, don’t test the shade on your hand. If you know that you will be wearing bronzer, apply a foundation that is a little darker than your natural skin tone. Remember that your skin colour changes seasonally, so having a foundation for both the winter and summer months will get the best results. To find the perfect foundation tone for your bronzer, try asking an assistant at the counter, they always know best.

Only Applying To Your Face

Your face doesn’t stop at your chin but, as far as makeup is concerned, continues down to your neck. It is important to remember this rule when applying foundation otherwise you run the risk of forming a makeup line that frames your chin. Instead, when applying foundation to your face, continue to blend past your chin line, down your neck and behind the earlobes. If you find that your neck is slightly lighter than your face, use a little bronzer to match the skin tone.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offers a fully accredited makeup training courses . To learn more about this offer, visit our makeup course training page, contact Clare Weyers directly on 01279755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

The Top Five Reasons You Should Get Eyelash Extensions

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Eyelash Extensions TutorialWould you like effortlessly gorgeous eyelashes, without the fuss of having to apply daily falsies or worrying about how clumpy your mascara is?

Let’s face it, we girls want to look good, whether we’re facing a day at the office or a night on the tiles. I think I speak for most when I say that having killer lashes is one of the essentials of a good beauty routine. If done right, our lashes make us look alert, fresh and feminine. With our busy schedules we’d all like one less thing to worry about when applying our makeup, so I’m going to give you the top five reasons why you should give eyelash extensions a go; you won’t regret it!

1. The convenience factor:

Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day, not to mention that even the most ardent makeup wearers can forget to apply mascara when they roll out of bed in a rush! The dream is to wake up and naturally be ready to walk out of the door. This dream can come true with eyelash extensions. They look great 24/7 and are one less thing to worry about in the morning!

2. Avoid makeup disasters:

Even the most professional makeup appliers can have bad days, especially if they are in a rush. Being just a little impatient and not waiting in between layers can leave you with clumpy spider lashes. Additionally, false eyelashes don’t always co-operate, they sometimes have a tendency to not stick properly, or they come unstuck during the day, which can be super embarrassing This is where eyelash extensions come to the rescue; you’ll have peace of mind from morning to night.

3. Natural looking fuller lashes:

It’s no secret that women crave long luscious lashes, and it’s also no secret that some women aren’t blessed with these naturally. So if your eyelashes have slowly thinned with maturity, or you’ve never really had the voluminous eyelashes some people are born with, then now you can! What is good about eyelash extensions is that they look so beautifully natural and add instant thickness. You’ll love the transformation and it will be our little secret.

4. Eyelash extensions are exceptionally versatile:

You really are spoiled for choice when you’re choosing what style of eyelashes to have done as they accommodate for every style. Whether you want some extra length, extra volume, lashes containing synthetic fibres or lashes made from silk and mink, you’ll have so many options you’ll want to try them all! The main benefit of this is that you can personalise your lashes to fit your own style. If your signature makeup style is the smoky-eyed look, then you can go for lashes that are complimentary. Alternatively, if you like going au naturel then simple lashes are perfect for you.

5. They can be cost effective:

Initially, the cost of having eyelash extensions done may put you off, as they can range from £80 to £120 depending on where you go, lasting a maximum of about two months. But what people don’t realise is that you actually make a huge saving! You won’t need to fork out on trying the new mascaras, you won’t need to buy eyelash curlers and not to mention the massive saving from not buying false eyelashes regularly, which we all know aren’t cheap!

**Here is a great article from Huffington post answering some commonly asked questions about eyelash extensions that people often want to know before heading to the salon.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offers a fully accredited one day Eyelash Extension course.To know more about this offer, visit our Facebook page,contact Clare Weyers directly on 01279755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

Reiki Healing: What is it Like?

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Have you ever been interested by the idea of Reiki healing, but you aren’t completely sure what the treatment entails? We cover the five most important benefits of Reiki in our bite-size guide.

reiki healing treatment london

Are you in need of some deep relaxation? Would like a holistic therapy that strengthens your well being, reduces anxiety, alleviates fatigue, and helps to manage pain after injury? Then look no further. This article will briefly introduce you to the benefits of Reiki healing, why you should consider it, and what you can expect to feel during and after a Reiki session.

What does Reiki stand for?

The word Reiki combines two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki” to mean universal life force energy. When a person’s Ki is high, they will feel confident, tough and ready to take on all of life’s challenges. When it is low, they will feel weak, and their immune system deteriorates meaning they are more likely to fall sick. Reiki treatment holistically addresses that balance, raising your Ki through the energy channelling itself towards the individual needs of the patient. Reiki can spiritually and physically benefit a patient.

The Reiki treatment process:

The practitioner lays his or her hands above or gently, with no pressure, on certain parts of the body, predominantly on the head and front and back of the torso. Additionally, they can target specific areas of the body, if you’ve had an injury or got a surgical scar. Each hand position is held for between two to five minutes. The unseen spiritual energy runs from their hands through to the patient, powered by the High Intelligence. This energy balances and heals the recipient’s body.

The Reiki treatment room is normally small, cosy, and private with subtle soothing music playing in the background, although you can request it to be silent if that is what you’d prefer.

Who can have the Treatment?

Reiki treatment is suitable for anyone of any age, ranging from young children to the elderly. Reiki healing can also be used safely on pregnant women, as it doesn’t cause any harm to the mother or her unborn baby. Reiki is also a great complementary (but not alternative) healing process for anybody suffering from long term illnesses such as cancer. It provides a psychological boost during their overwhelming medical treatment, which is paramount keeping a positive mindset.

Reiki sensations:

As the energy flows from practitioner to patient, your body is likely to respond through various sensations. You may feel only one throughout your sessions, you could experience them all, or in rare cases you may feel absolutely nothing. Whatever you feel, they are always pleasant feelings, as it is essentially a sign that the transferring energy is being welcomed by your body.

Want to know a little more? Read up on the history of Reiki treatment to gain a wider understanding of this popular holistic therapy.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offers a fully accredited two day Reiki training course. To know more about this offer, visit our makeup course training page, the Facebook page, contact Clare Weyers directly on 01279755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

Reflexology: What is it and why would I benefit?

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Spa and Reflexology

benefits of reflexologyAre you stressed in need of deep relaxation, recovering from a painful injury and need relief, or does your overall well-being need a positive boost? Maybe it’s time to take reflexology treatment into consideration.

What is Reflexology?

In simple terms, reflexology is holistic treatment based on the principle that various pressure points on the feet, lower leg, hands face or ears correspond with different parts of your body. When pressure is applied to these areas the stimulating movement along the nerve channels helps to restore balance (homeostasis) and well-being to the whole body.

Who has Reflexology treatment?

Reflexology treatment can be received by anyone of any age, from children to the elderly. However, as there are some circumstances where the treatment isn’t suitable, the best thing to do is to give your local reflexologist a call to discuss in more detail.

Reasons to have Reflexology treatment:

It’s safe to say that our modern day society is increasingly demanding and stressful, whether you’re suffering from work related stress, family struggles, or recovering from a serious medical condition.  Reflexology can be a great way to mitigate daily stresses and help to maintain good health and positive well-being. It is important to remember that reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy and therefore should be used in conjunction with medical care. Here are additional reasons to have reflexology.

Uses of reflexology also extend to post-operative or comforting care. It is a popular therapy among cancer patients who find it helpful for relaxation, and boosting general well-being.

How you feel post Reflexology treatment:

After treatment, the majority of people feel calm, relaxed and even sleepy. Occasionally patients have been known to feel emotional, tearful and sometimes nauseous afterwards. These reactions caused by reflexology are common among patients especially after the first few times you try the treatment. Yet it can also be a part of the healing process, so there is no need to be alarmed if these negative reactions happen frequently. It is completely normal and shows positive signs the treatment is working.

You can also read about find out more on the history of reflexology treatment, to discover where it all started.


Elite School of Beauty Therapy offers a fully accredited two 2 day reflexology course. To know more about this offer, visit our makeup course training page, the Facebook page or contact Clare Weyers directly on this number 01279755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

Go Classic: How to Achieve the Vintage Make-up look

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Taylor Swift vintage makeup look

 Do you want to pull a Taylor Swift and achieve that ‘red lip classic thing that you like’?  Then look no further.

The traditional classic look has been around for generations, from the iconic Marilyn Monroe’s trademark rouge lippy, to being reborn with the modern day icon Taylor Swift. Below I have put together a list of the top six credentials you need to achieve this vintage yet modern look. The style prides itself with a sleek and classy elegance, with simplicity being the key element. Be inspired and give it a go!

Matte Finish Foundation:

The first part of the process is creating the perfect base to build up on, and that requires flawless matte skin. It is important to ensure you have the correct shade for your skin colour, as applying the wrong shade can have a massive effect on the results, click here to find out more.

The first step is to moisturise your face, followed by a layer or primer for a longer lasting finish. Alternatively you can purchase a BB cream containing foundation, which moisturises and primes all in one. A good time saver! After you have prepped, add concealer to areas of discolouration, whether they’re blemishes or dark shadows under the eyes, and then apply your foundation. Your method of application is paramount in the finishing products; you can read a guide to help you successfully apply foundation for the best results!

Red Lipstick:

Red lips are an essential ingredient for achieving the classic look. They create a bold, kick-ass look combined with class and splendour in one effortless swoop. Regardless of your skin tone, whether you represent an ivory tone, or deep beige, you can rock a crimson colour. There are dozens of shades to choose from within the red colour palette that enhance certain skin tones. Unsure if you’re a cherry or cranberry? A complexion guide can help you see which red is right for you.

What is brilliant about red lips is that they are so versatile. As well as a classic look, they also go hand in hand with rock chick, geek chic and even when you’re in casual attire, you can vamp up your look with a burst of colour.

Cat Eye Eyeliner:

Add instant drama and character to your eyes with the fun and quirky eyeliner flick. Gel eye liners are the most effective as they tend to have a bolder colour, are easier to apply and create a sharper more accurate line. Pay tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s style and make your eyes look beautifully large and cute! There are many different techniques you can try, from experimenting with the thickness of the line or the type of flick, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Because this classic look primarily focuses on simplicity, the only dash of colour you need is on your lips, no colour eye shadow is needed. Unless you want to gently sweep a pale cream shade across your lids to hide any discolouration or veins; remember to use eyelid primer to ensure longer lasting finish!

*Top Tip*: I think it looks best if you avoid using eyeliner on your lower lids. You’ve already gone bold on top, so by keeping the eyeliner to a minimum you can achieve bold and classy rather than a grungy ‘overdone’ look.

Black Mascara:

Now it’s time to add lashings of black mascara to your lashes to finish the process. Thick butterfly lashes add a flirtatious sexiness to your look, creating mystery and femininity. You can achieve this by gradually building up 2 or 3 layers, waiting a couple of minutes in between each layer so that the last to dry. This is an important part of the application process as it helps prevent clumps of mascara from accumulating… never a good look!

Alternatively, you can try false eyelashes to get that extra wow factor!

Classic Hairstyles:

In order to achieve the ultimate classic look, you need to ensure your locks are just as glamorous as your makeup. Here are some great classic looks that you must try!

Elite School of Beauty offers fully accredited makeup courses. To know more about this offer, visit our makeup course training page, the Facebook page or contact Clare Weyers directly on this number 01279 755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk