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Holistic Massage Therapy Training Courses

We have a range of Holistic Massage Therapy Training Courses for our students who come to us from around Essex and Hertfordshire. At the end of your course, you will receive The Elite School of Beauty Therapy Diploma. This is fully accredited with The Guild of Professional Therapists and allows you to obtain insurance to work on the public.

Swedish Body Massage course – 2 Days-£350

No experience necessary

Learn to perform the classic Swedish body massage. This massage uses techniques which involves manipulating the soft tissue structures to alleviate and prevent pain and discomfort from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  By the end of the course you will be able to perform a full body massage, recognising main muscle groups and learn about the massage mediums available for this treatment. Your earning potential for massage is up to £50 an hour.

Aromatherapy Body Massage course – 2 Days-£375

No experience necessary

Learn to carry out a full body aromatherapy massage for people to benefit both physically and emotionally in using the essential oils. Apart from learning how to select, blend and safely use the oils to suit your client’s needs, you will also use a renowned selection of blended oils for calming, soothing and clearing treatments. Your earning potential for Aromatherapy is up to £55 per treatment.

Indian Head Massage course – 1 day-£199

No experience necessary

Learn this very popular and versatile massage to the head, face, neck and shoulders in this one day intensive course. Indian Head massage has been around for centuries.  You will learn about the chakras or energy centres and how this treatment can be adapted to the European working lifestyle. Its effect is not only physical; it also works on an emotional level too, promoting relaxation, relieving stress and calming the spirit. Your earning potential for Indian head massage is up to £30 per treatment.

Thermal Auricular Therapy Diploma Course – Half-Day-£110

No experience necessary

Also known as ear candling, this holistic treatment can help all manner of problems in the ear, nose and throat areas as well as being offered as an extremely relaxing treatment. It is a safe, non-invasive way to relieve the ear canal of excessive ear wax and toxins. The earning potential for this treatment is up to £30 per treatment.

Stone Therapy Diploma Course 2 Day-£375

Pre- requisite Body massage course

This advanced Stone Therapy massage can be offered to your clients using a range of hot volcanic stones whilst taking the effort out of the manual massage. It is extremely relaxing but also beneficial as deep massage techniques can be adopted with the use of the basalt pebbles.  The client reaches a deep state of relaxation within minutes allowing balance of charkas and healing to take place. Your earning potential for Hot Stone Massage is up to £65 per treatment.

Thai Compress Massage Diploma Course 1 Day-£325

No experience necessary

This holistic treatment is a herbal therapy using a selection of therapeutic Thai herbs wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and then applied onto the skin using circular, pressing and rolling movements. It helps muscle aches and swelling and the areas worked on include Face, arms, legs and back.

Reflexology course – 2 Days-£375

Pre-requisite Anatomy and Physiology

This course teaches the student how reflexology works, its benefits and the importance of Chi which are energy zones running through the body to reflexes in the feet. You will also be taught the bones of the foot and their relation to the organs and their functions. At the end of the course students will be able to perform a full reflexology procedure. Your earning potential for Reflexology is up to £45 per treatment.

Specialist Massage course – Manual and Mechanical-£110

Half Day

Pre-requisite – Swedish Body Massage.

Figure Diagnosis/Posture and Anatomy and Physiology desirable

This post-graduate course has been created for students wishing to use electrical massagers as part of their therapeutic massage routine. This equipment helps alleviate clients’ stresses and strains whilst minimising the pressure on the therapists’ joints during the treatment.