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NVQ LV2 Home Study Route

NVQ Home Study Route

This route is ideal if you work part time or due to family commitments are only able to attend Elite School of Beauty Therapy a limited number of days. This route would suit you if you’re self disciplined and have plenty of friends and family to practice your treatments on. All NVQ courses include learning all the relevant Anatomy and Physiology. The cost of the course includes registration fee, training and assessments and you have up to 12 months to complete the qualification.

NVQ Level 2-£2000                                                                             

You will attend our intensive diploma courses of:

  • Facials                               2 day
  • Tinting                              1 days
  • Waxing                              1 day
  • Manicure                           1 day
  • Pedicure                             1 day
  • Make up                             1 day
  • Camouflage Make up     ½ day

You will be asked to complete written assignments at home and 2 practical treatments of each unit you’ve learnt, supported by client consultations, feedback forms and before and after photographs which we will mark and send back to you.

To support you in your learning, we will give you an NVQ Level 2 textbook, your NVQ workbook to fill in and revision questions to help prepare you for your written exams.

You will learn 1 unit per month and will need to complete each aspect of it e.g Practical assessments, Written assignments and end of unit exams before moving onto the next unit. That way you’ll stay up to date and won’t end up with a lot of theory work at the end of your course. Over the duration of your course you will need to do further practical treatments at home.
These treatments will be marked off in your NVQ workbook. Send your client consultations, feedback forms, photographs along with your completed NVQ workbook and written assignments to us at Elite School of Beauty Therapy enclosing a stamped addressed envelope for us to return all your marked work, which you can put in a folder for your portfolio
When all your treatments and written assignments are complete, you will sit your final assessment where you’ll be asked to undertake a practical assessment. (Please bring a female model with you for your practical assessment)