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Eye make-up being applied on a make-up course

3 Autumn Make-Up Trends that are in Vogue

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

Get make-up looking like it’s straight out of Vogue with these three Autumnal trends.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion shows were dominated by three very striking make-up trends this year. Though the natural look remains on the cards for the coming season, intense flashes of colour, metallics, and graphic eyeliner are set to liven things up.

Colour Flashes

Sapphire, azure, cerulean, indigo and electric blue shades are back for autumn thanks to Christian Dior. If you can keep the rest of your make-up low key, then a swipe of blue eyeshadow across the lids can be both bold and enchanting. A light application of glitter adds a magical finish to the look.

Top Tips for Blue Make-Up: Keep your blues to the upper lid with just a thin line under the lower lashes to highlight the eyes. If you have blue eyes, be careful not to match the colours up exactly or the focus will be taken away from the dramatic colouring.

Precious Metals

Metallic make-up was all over the New York fashion shows with luscious gold eyeliner at Badgley Mischka, shimmering silver shadow at Donna Karan and beautiful bronze lips at Rodarte. Precious metal tones can be completely mesmerizing. James Kaliardos, lips make-up artist at the Rodarte show, calls precious metal colours “fairy-tale makeup.”

Top Tips for Metallic Make-Up: Metal shades can be a bit intimidating if you’re not used to them. Start of with toned down golds and bronzes that will compliment your skin tone. When you’re ready for silver, try using your usual black eyeliner and glamming it up with a silver shadow along the outer edges of your eyes.

Graphic Black Liner

Fashion shows always reveal incredibly innovative eyeliner art and Autumn 2014 has been no exception. Eyeliner experts are amping up the lines to give the impression of an artist’s brush stroke to the liner. Lanvin was all about stippled black liner, while Dries Van Noten went for graphic black blocks.

Top Tips for Graphic Black Eyeliner: Don’t be afraid experiment. No one gets their graphic eyeliner style right without practice, so you’ve got to just go for it. There are plenty of more avant-garde looks making waves, but I think that minimal liner can be just as edgy. Try an outward flick to create a feline look.

Want to get your make-up looking like it’s straight out of Vogue? Our hair and make-up courses in Hertfordshire are the ideal way to learn, no prior experience necessary. Our make-up course covers professional techniques including colour correction, shading and highlighting.

Eye make-up being applied on a make-up course

How to Keep Cosmetics Clean and Your Skin Clear

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Make up

woman holding make up brushesClare from Elite School of Beauty gives her top tips on how to keep cosmetics clean to avoid acne and skin breakouts.

Ever have breakouts on your face and not know why? It’s might be down to your make-up. As your cosmetics age, bacteria and mould will set in. Wiping that bad bacteria all over your face when you moisturise, blush and apply could lead to breakouts and even infections. Avoid skincare disasters by sanitising your make-up and keeping your cosmetics clean.

Wash and Dry Your Hands Before Applying Make-up

The first step to preventing bacteria from spreading in your cosmetics is to make sure your hands are clean before you apply your make-up each morning. Make-up can be contaminated by the oils, bacteria and germs that can be found on your skin and hands. It’s important to wash your hands in warm water with soap and dry on a clean towel before applying your make-up, especially if you use your fingers to do so.

Wash Make-up Brushes After Use

After use, wash all of your make-up brushes and applicators. The secret to successfully washing them is to use a mixture that is half water and half baby shampoo. Dip the brushes into the solution and massage the bristles to ensure that they are cleaned all the way through. Rinse the brushes under warm water and lay on a towel to air dry.

Wipe Off the Top Layer of Powder Products

Every time you use blushes, foundation or any other powdered make-up product, you need to wipe off the top layer. Unwanted bacteria can stick onto dry products easily, which means a cleaning routine is really important. Wiping the top layer will get rid of any oils that might have settled there and prevent them from being transferred to your skin.

Don’t Use Mascara that’s More than 6 Weeks Old

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this one, but using old mascara could cause eye infections and sties on your eyelids. Mascara develops bacteria just like all other cosmetics and when you apply it to your eyelashes, you’re spreading the bacteria dangerously close to the eye itself. Better safe than sorry, throw it out after six weeks.

Sanitise All Make-up Products

It’s essential that we all routinely sanitise our make-up products too. Get yourself a little spray bottle and fill it with undiluted rubbing alcohol. Spray the alcohol directly onto make-up a few times and be sure to completely coat the products. The alcohol will dry and evaporate quickly, so it won’t cause any damage to your powders, creams or liquids, but it will ensure that they’re germ-free.

Elite School of Beauty specialise in make up courses in Hertfordshire. If you want to learn more about the art of make-up and how to properly clean your products, Elite School of Beauty’s one or two day make-up courses might be for you.