5 Make-Up Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Whether you were partying hard the night before or just want to brighten up your look, making your eyes look bigger is the first step to a fresher face.

Want a brighter, fresher looking face? Don’t have hours to spend on make-up perfection? We have compiled five fool proof tips on how you can make your eyes look bigger and more alluring in less than 30 minutes. Yes, it’s that quick!

1. Eye Bags, Be GONE!

Always get a smooth start. De-puffing eye bags is a surefire way to get your eyes looking and feeling more awake.  There are plenty of techniques to ‘de-puff.’ The most important part of the process is to apply something cold to the area, whether it’s the back of a spoon or a slice of cucumber. The cold application will calm any swelling or inflammation in minutes.

Expert Tip: Place a spoon in your fridge and leave it for a few minutes before placing it over your eyes. A quick tip with minimal prep work!

2. Brighten Dark Circles

Unfortunately, the appearance of those tiresome dark circles under your eyes can make you look older and more tired. The good new is that you can hide these circles with some nifty use of a good concealer that works with your skin tone.

Expert Tip: Using the right concealer can be doubly effective as it not only eliminates dark circles but can illuminate the entire eye area. Choose a shade that is lighter and warmer than your skin to lift and brighten up your peepers.

3. Curl and Apply Mascara

Curling your lashes will instantly make your eyes look bigger. Remember to pinch close the roots for the full effect, as clamping on the middle of your lashes will just result in bent lashes. To maximise the effect, apply lengthening mascara on your top lash.

Expert Tip: Do not over coat your lashes with mascara if you want to look fresh and awake. Worried about spidery lashes? Remove clumps by combing your lashes with a lash comb. If you don’t own a lash comb, you can wipe excess mascara on a tissue before applying.

4. Lighten the Waterline

Applying a light eye liner on the waterline can make your eyes appear brighter. Avoid dark eyeliners, as these can create shadows which have the opposite effect of making your eyes look smaller.

Expert Tip: Use eyeliner that has a creamy flesh-coloured tone instead of a white one. Flesh coloured eyeliners looks more natural than white eyeliners.

5. Highlight the Inner Corners

Ever wonder how models create those stunning, natural looking photographs without a filter or tonnes of makeup? It is because they know how to catch the light – or at least fake it. Applying a pearly highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes can create the appearance of wider, more open eyes. Look for highlighters that would compliment your skin tone for a natural look.

Expert Tip: Can’t decide what highlighter to use? Rosy cream highlighters are perfect for those of us with rosy pink undertones. Golden shades compliment yellow and olive undertones really well.

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