7 Reasons to Go to Beauty School

Hair and beauty courses

Hair and beauty courses are a fabulous way to start a career in the cosmetology industry. Whether you want to work in a local nail salon, start your own massage business, or travel the world as a hairdresser, beauty school can help you make your dreams become reality.

Still unsure about going to beauty school? These seven reasons won’t fail to convince you that beauty school is right for you.

Learn a New Skill

Beauty school is a place to learn what you want to learn. Explore alternative education and gain new skills whilst doing what you love. Here at Elite School of Beauty, we offer accredited courses, that allow you to obtain National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and Diplomas in your chosen field of hair or beauty. Our newest courses include bridal hair, hair extensions and barbering. If hair isn’t your thing, how about nail art or maybe even Swedish massage? There’s plenty of new skills to try your hand at!

Growing Demand for Beauticians

The Health and Beauty industry is still rapidly growing. There is an increased demand for qualified, professional staff who can provide excellent beauty treatments. There are plenty of cosmetology job opportunities world-wide, including working in department stores, on cruise ships, or even as a professional writer for beauty magazines. Trained hairdressers and spa therapists are currently in high demand in salons and spas across the UK and abroad. The possibilities are endless once you have the right credentials.

Create your own Flexible Career

Working a constant 9-to-5 schedule is just not possible, nor desirable, for some people. Beauty courses can be quick and low-cost compared to many other careers, allowing you to join the workforce in no time. As a qualified beautician, you can create your own hours. Choose to work part-time, full-time, mornings, nights, or even weekends depending on your needs. Flexibility at work makes careers in cosmetology popular amongst parents and single parents, and those with other commitments.

Opportunity to Meet Celebrities

As you develop your skills, you’ll find there are lots of opportunities for working in hair and beauty for television, film, music and modelling. If you’ve got solid skills and your own unique flair, you might aspire to work with celebrities. Many stylists start small in local salons and work their way up to big names and high-profile clients.

Find your Artistic Goddess

Taking beauty school courses gives you the chance to find your own artistic goddess. Experiment with different styles and fashions, know what’s on trend and help others achieve the look they desire. Express yourself artistically through hairdressing, make-up and nail art courses. From beautiful bridal hairstyling through to sassy party nail art, all of these beauty courses are art forms in their own right. Beauty school gives you the freedom to be the artist you always dreamed of being.

Do What you Love

In the UK, people working in hair, beauty and holistic therapy are proven to be the happiest workers. Why work in an office when you can be doing what you love and getting paid for it? Careers in cosmetology are rare gems that allow you to combine your expert skills with your own creativity and personality. Many people find beauty-related jobs to be rewarding: not only can they express themselves, but they can help others to feel great about the way they look. You also have valuable time to speak with your clients and hear their stories

Beauty School is for Everyone

Hair and beauty courses at Elite School of Beauty are open to all ages. Whether you’re looking to begin your cosmetology career at sixteen, want to change your job at forty, or want to learn a new skill at sixty, there is a course for you. Here at Elite, we only teach in small groups, so you will be able to find the right class for you no matter what.

Interested in going to Beauty School?

Are you interested in going to beauty school but unsure which course is right for you? Why not browse through our newest courses, which include bridal hair, hair extensions and barbering. There is a full list of courses and training available in our website.