A Basic Guide To Facials

facial spa treatment course essexFind out more about what a facial involves and how your skin can benefit from a professional spa treatment.

What Is A Facial?

A facial is a deep cleaning treatment that restores a healthy, clear complexion. There are many types of facial treatments, but the basic treatment involves cleansing the skin to lift and remove any dead skin, followed by the application of a toner to balance your skin’s PH level. The final stage is moisturising the skin in order to rehydrate.

A professional spa facial usually includes a scalp massage as well as a brief consultation to assess the skin type and decide what type of facial is needed for each individual. The treatment will usually take around an hour.

The Steps Of A Facial

Consultation: This is where you will be asked about your skin type, concerns, allergies, general health and medication. Many aspects of your life have an effect on your skin and so the more information you give, the more precise the treatment will be.

Cleansing: The esthetician thoroughly cleans your face with cotton pads and wipes to remove any dirt. From here the esthetician can begin the facial.

Skin Analysis: This is where the esthetician determines your basic skin type. With a magnifying lamp, he or she can decide if you have dry, oily or combination skin as well as diagnosing any skin conditions such as acne, sun damage or dehydration. From there, the esthetician can choose the best products and treatments for your skin.

Steam: This step helps the customer fully relax while softening their skin and opening the pores.

Exfoliation: The esthetician will slowly massage product into your skin to gently rub away the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin.

Extraction: Here, the esthetician will begin to manually remove any blackheads or whiteheads. This is an optional step depending on your wants, needs and pain tolerance.

Facial Massage: Using the correct technique, a massage will not only relax you, but also stimulate the blood flow and facial muscles.

Facial Mask: There are many different types of facemask that work on different skin types. After the facemask has been applied, the esthetician will usually give you a scalp massage

Finally: This is the step where the esthetician applies the toner, serums and moisturizer to the skin.

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