Beautiful Hairstyles for the Bride to Be

bridal hairstyles - makeup courses in EssexWe all dream of our big day, and whilst the seating arrangements and the menu are very crucial, for us girls, nothing is more important than making ourselves look and feel utterly beautiful. Choosing the right dress can be a challenging and time consuming event for some of us, and I’ve found that hair and makeup can sometimes be pushed aside right till the last minute.

Below I have curated a small list of a few of my favourite hairstyles, for various lengths, that I think look gorgeous for the bride to be to get you started on your search. The list is far from exhaustive but hopefully it will inspire you and get you thinking, there’s nothing worse than having a few champagnes the morning of, panicking over up do’s or down do’s!

Short Hair:

The Sleek Angled Bob  is perfect if you want to go down the route of pure simplicity and elegance. This is easy to do if your hair is longer as you can cut it to style. However if your hair is a lot shorter it is paramount that you establish this as the style you want way in advance to give your hair time to grow.

The simplicity of this style allows you to really go to town on your hair accessories and jewelry. The bridal bird cage hair net coincides so well with this look; it adds class and detail in a subtle manner.

Mid-Length Hair:

The Low Voluminous Up-do is one of my all-time favourites, followed closely by the Curly Bun and Side French Braid. Both are very similar, yet the low voluminous bun has a more straight sleek look, with the bouffant adding a very sixties dramatic look. This style once again is very simple yet elegant.

The curly bun and side French braid typically represents a girly girl who loves detail and intricacy. The curls give a very soft feminine look, especially when delicately framing the face. A tiara sits perfectly with this style, or flowers, depending on your preference.

Take a look at a wider range of bridal styles suitable for medium length hair.

Long Hair:

The Large Elegant Bun is striking and bold and signifies confidence and drama. You’ll need long hair to truly depict this look as the larger the bun the better. You can either choose to accessories this with some bold statement earrings or soften the look by adding a flower or any accessories that uniquely represents you.

The Side Wavy Down-do is the epitome of prettiness and femininity. Sweeping the long mass of curls over one shoulder exposes one side of you neck, which looks elegant and classy, definitely one to go for if you love your curls!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at more bridal hairstyles that are perfect for long locks!

Additionally, if you need inspiration for your brides maids take a look at Bridal Guide for an exhaustive list of beautiful hairstyles for any hair length. You’re bound to find the perfect style for you.


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