Beauty Basics: How to Create Luscious Lashes

eyelashes makeup courses essexWe rely on our eyelashes to give us a sexy, glamorous look, whether it’s during the day or come night time. We rely on our lashes to enhance and make us look beautiful, but sometimes we forget how to utilise them properly, as well as how to care for them.

In order to avoid the mascara applying mishaps through poor application, and instead prevail with beautiful and well looked after lashes, read my step by step guide below.

Vaseline Therapy:

Admittedly Vaseline is considered to be a lip and skin treatment; however your lashes can also reap the benefits of this silky smooth product. Simply put a little on your finger and sweep it evenly in an upward motion over your lashes, apply with your forefinger, no rubbing in as this can cause clumping together of the lashes. I normally apply it before bedtime, as it gives your lashes time to absorb; the next morning when applying your mascara you’ll really notice a difference. You’ll have silky, long and sleek looking lashes, who’d of thought Vaseline could be so multi-purpose!

Eyelash Curlers are Essential:

Curling your eyelashes is essential if you want perfectly sculpted lashes. The eyelash curler creates a gorgeous uplifting edge to your lashes, opening up your eyes making them look stunning, and feminine. Always start this process before applying any mascara, follow this link to read a step by step guide.

*Expert tip* Just like heating up your straighteners or curling iron, warming up your eyelash curler has exactly the same effect, just isn’t as hot of course. Simply aim a hair dryer at them for a few minutes, or run them under a hot tap. This technique works wonders, give it a try!

The Method is in the Application:

When frantically getting ready for work it’s normal to adapt to quick applying techniques, however this can have its consequences. Clumping of the lashes is not a desired look, so allow your mascara to dry for a minute or two before slapping on the next layer. This drying time will mean you’re gradually building up the volume and intensity, rather than reacting off impatience and resulting in clump creation.

Say No to Spider Lashes:

In continuation to the previous point, admittedly, clumpy lashes aren’t always avoidable. This could be due to you using a mascara that isn’t quite right for you, or if you’re simply just having a bad lash day, this is where the eye lash comb comes into play. Once you’ve applied your mascara, use the brush in an upward motion, from bottom to top to remove the unwanted blobs of mascara. Follow these tips for a precise step by step guide.

*Expert tip* Spray a light mist of hairspray over your closed eyes, this acts as a perfect fixative for your eye make-up. You must ensure you spray at a reasonable distance away from your face, perfect!

Preparing and Looking After your Lashes:

When you think of conditioning and priming the last thing you’ll think of is eyelash treatment. You can get conditioners that you can either apply before you go to sleep or 2 in 1 primers with conditioning agents in them for daytime use. We all like convenience and quickness so I suggest you give Rapid Shield a go. It doesn’t only protect and prime, it provides nourishment, whilst creating lustre lashes and shine in the process, this additional yet effortless beauty benefit is something us girls can’t resist! If you like this product, I suggest you then try the Rapid Lash Serum.

Eye Care:

With such busy lifestyles nowadays, even the best of days it can be easy to forget to take off our make-up. This can result in you waking up with panda eyes, but more importantly this can damage your eyes and can result in eye infections, and generally irritated tired looking eyes. Evidently this doesn’t directly impact your lashes, but if you want your lashes to look beautiful, it is just as important that the eyes they’re apart of are just as stunning. So simply keep life easy and leave eye wipes next to your bed and sweep them across your eyes just before you sleep. This will give your eyes a rest; maintaining eye health and resulting in a radiant appearance. Your eyes will wake up fresh and ready for you to apply your daily makeup routine.

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