Enhance Your Skills With A Short Beauty Course In Essex

beauty training course essexAcquiring new skills is crucial for career development and making yourself eligible for a new job or promotion. Often, a certain skill or qualification can be the difference between your dream job and an average job. Finding time to do a course to gain new skills can be a struggle if you’re already working full time. Doing a course at college is a great investment, but can take a long time which isn’t always practical.

If you want your new skills to be developed quickly in order to develop your business or apply for that dream job, then a short course is perfect! A short course also has the benefit of fitting into your schedule and won’t require you to take a long period of time off work. In the beauty industry, a short course is ideal for gaining the skills you need quickly to enhance your career and give you a competitive edge.

How are short beauty courses different to other courses?

Group sizes for short beauty courses are very small. This allows you to have more attention from the teacher in order to get the skills exactly right in a shorter space of time. At Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex, we have a maximum of four students per class so that each student gets plenty of attention and has the chance to ask questions as we go along.

A short course is very intensive so be prepared to work hard. The length of the course will depend on your previous experience in order for you to get all the knowledge you need to gain the skills in a short amount of time.

Gaining a qualification on a short beauty course is no different to a college course. You can still gain an NVQ on some courses as well as receiving the Elite Diploma. This allows you to get insurance to practise the skills you have learnt in Beauty Therapy.

What are the benefits of a short beauty course?

Beauty therapy is a booming industry and there are numerous reasons why investing in a short course is a great idea.

Time is one of the main benefits of doing a short beauty course. It can fit into your busy schedule and give you those skills you require as soon as possible, meaning you can apply for that job you really want, or can develop your business and expand.

Short courses also mean smaller classes, which is a huge benefit. Beauty therapy involves being practical and active, a short intensive course allows you to do both of these things, whilst still asking questions as you go along.

So what are you waiting for? Kick start your skills with a short beauty course in Essex!

Elite School of Beauty Therapy run multiple short courses to suit your availability and give you the skills you require for your career. For more information about the courses we offer, take a look here and contact us to find out how we can enhance your skills and qualifications.