Enjoy The Flexibility Of Evening Makeup Courses In Hertfordshire

Evening Makeup Courses In HertfordshireIn recent years there has a been a lot of focus on work-life balance which means trying to balance equally the things you do for your career and that which you do for pleasure. We now live in a society where there are so many more options and flexibility in our work: working from home and zero hour contracts have changed the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle.

When it comes to studying, or the desire to learn a new skill, it can be difficult to find the time. Businesses and universities are adapting to the new working environment by offering options to study online, fitting learning into your lifestyle and routine.

But what if you want to study and learn something practical? Not all skills and qualifications can be gained online; learning to play an instrument or to drive certainly require some practical time spent on them. Training as a beautician also requires practical experience which is crucial to becoming qualified. At Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Hertfordshire we understand the need for flexibility and so we are now offering evening courses. Here are our top reasons why you should think about taking an evening course in Hertfordshire with us:

Making money as you learn

You may be taking an evening course to go into a brand new career, to expand upon your current skills and expertise, or to improve your business or employability. Whatever the reason, taking an evening course allows you to continue working in the daytime. Rent, bills and food all still need to be paid for whilst you’re studying, which is why it’s important to maintain a stable income. Being able to continue to work whilst studying is one of the best options.

Benefits of a makeup course

Makeup courses are a real investment as one in three women won’t leave the house without wearing makeup. The makeup industry is booming and women will always want to look fabulous for special occasions. If it’s a career change that you’re looking for, then it’s a valuable qualification to gain, and offering these services can help you on the way to having a very successful career.

Why wait?

With the flexibility of evening makeup courses in Hertfordshire, there’s never been a better time to start investing in your future. The University of London claims that two thirds of adults gain a qualification later in life; the majority of these qualifications are vocational and used to enhance career prospects. So why wait to find the time to study? Gain qualifications to develop or start your career in beauty today.

Here at Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Hertfordshire we have just started evening courses to fit around your schedule. We have a range of makeup courses plus many more, click here to see what we can offer you today!