Eyebrow trends to try (and those to avoid!)

Thinking about a new style for your eyebrows but not sure where to start? Let us talk you through everything you need to know!

new eyebrows trends

The shape and colour of your eyebrows can make such a huge difference to your face, and overall appearance. Eyebrow treatments are more popular as ever, which is why we offer eyebrow treatment training in Essex, including eyebrow threading, waxing and tinting. However, styling those brows has become much more popular, with new trends frequently taking off, and different styles coming in and out of fashion. Here is my advice on those trends you should try, and those you should avoid!

Is eyebrow styling a new thing?

There are a tonne of eyebrow treatments available at the salon and these treatments are in high demand, which is why here in Essex we offer eyebrow threading training, plus much more, including our new Bibi Brows course.

When it comes to eyebrow trends, celebrities lead the masses with different eyebrow styles and have often been the centre point for what we view as the best ‘brows. Starting back in the 1920s, a very thin, curved downwards look was popular. Over the years, arched brows, pencil thin and hairs pointing up have all had their moments of popularity.

Try these eyebrow trends:

No matter what the trends and styles have been in the past, there is no doubt that in recent years, big, bold eyebrows are trending. Vogue says that eyebrows define the face, and with big, bold eyebrows, it’s easy to see why. Ever since Cara Delevingne entered into the spotlight, it’s been hard to escape big eyebrows! If you can pull off the look, then bold eyebrows are fantastic. They can define your face and really make you stand out from the crowd.

What other trends are good to try for eyebrows? From rainbows (or should that be rainbrows?) to eyebrow slits, New York Fashion Week brought about different ideas and eyebrow trends. But, what about finding a trend which suits you? Rather than going for the big and bold look, many celebrities opt for eyebrows which are better suited to them; Taylor Swift knows that thin and light lines are much better suited to her face and complexion.

In fact, developments in eyebrow training mean that you can now have your eyebrows designed specifically for your face. Here in Essex, we know that each individual face is different so deciding what brows to have should vary for each individual.

With this in mind, you can now undergo a face shape diagnosis, in which beauticians can analyse your face and see which look is best for you. Then, using techniques such as waxing, threading and makeup, we will design an eyebrow shape and look specifically for you. Sounds great doesn’t it? The trend of specifically designed eyebrows is really taking off. Here in Essex, we have Bibi Brows, specially designed eyebrow treatment training that will teach you how to give your clients the best eyebrows for their face shape.

Avoid this eyebrow trend:

During Christmas and New Year, one eyebrow trend which really took off was glitter eyebrows. They were extremely popular, with styles ranging from the very subtle to the very bold.   While this idea certainly is creative, festive, and fun, some women who tried this style found that it could actually be quite damaging. Although some of the women who tried glitter eyebrows really liked the look, removing the glitter was much more difficult. The appeal of glitter eyebrows is obvious: it’s bright, sassy, new and certainly eye-catching. However, losing eyebrow hair in the process of removing excess glitter doesn’t seem to be worth the risk. If you want your eyebrow hair removed, I recommend sticking to the normal routine of eyebrow threading, waxing or plucking! For me, this is one to avoid unless you know the product is safe and easy to remove.

Clare Weyers offers two courses on eyebrow beauty at Elite School of Beauty Therapy. As well as the new Bibi Brows course, there is also eyebrow treatment training available.