Eyelash Extension Courses: Give Your Clients Luscious Lashes

Eyelashes are a facial feature which can make a huge difference to your look. Getting perfect lashes is a time-consuming daily task for many women. With this in mind, more and more women are choosing eyelash extensions.

eyelash extension course

We offer eyelash extension courses in Essex! Our short beauty course gives you the skills and knowledge required to offer eyelash extensions to clients. We’ve answered some common questions you might have about our eyelash extension course and outlined what you can expect from the course.

Why should I take an eyelash extension course?

Eyelash extensions are becoming a defining feature for so many women. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Kardashian have all rocked the look. As a Vogue editor put it recently: “A few years ago, people would ask me what mascara I used—now they ask me where I get my extensions.”

Eyelash extensions are mostly commonly made from synthetic, silk and mink. They are attached to individual eyelashes using a special type of glue. As they are glued to your eyelash they stay on all the time (even while you sleep!), and can last up to about eight weeks.

Naturally, some care needs to be taken to maintain their look, however, for many women they offer an alternative to mascara. There are numerous reasons why clients may choose eyelash extensions. Following the celebrities and trends is certainly one reason, but here are a few more reasons why you should invest in an eyelash extension course:

  1. Great looking lashes whenever you want themMascara is thought to be the third most essential makeup item for women. One-use fake eyelashes can do a great job giving lashes that extra va-va-voom, but not many women have the time to put them on every morning.

Enhancing your lashes with eyelash extensions is a popular choice as it means less worrying about mascara or fake eyelashes, and more time getting that desired look every day.

  1. Eyelash extensions save so much time – Apart from looking fabulous, one of the main attractions of eyelash extensions is the amount of time they can save when applying makeup. The process of applying mascara, curling lashes, only to remove it all later that same day can feel like a bit too much for our busy lives.

If you wake up every day with your lashes already looking the way you want, this dramatically reduces the amount of time you need to spend getting ready. After the application of eyelash extensions, they do need some maintenance and taking care of, but far less than you’d ordinarily spend on your eyelashes.

  1. Tailored to your look – Not all lashes are the same. For best results, clients can discuss and decide on the length and colour eyelash extension they desire. This is an opportunity to give whoever walks through your door the best eyelash extensions for their style.
  1.  Clients can try eyelash extensions and then decide if they like them – Did you know that your eyelashes fall out in under three months? Your eyelash extensions will fall out along with your natural lashes. This means that if your client tries a certain length or look of eyelashes but doesn’t like that particular style, they can simply wait for them to fall out naturally, then try something different the next time.

What does an eyelash extension course involve?

Our Eyelash extension course in Essex is one day only. However, this doesn’t mean that the skills and knowledge required are easy. Patience is essential as the treatment can take around two hours to complete. You also need a good eye and attention to detail as you are working on a very small area of the body.

During the short course, you will learn how to apply and maintain eyelash extensions for clients. Care should be given during application as a semi-permanent glue is used. The course will teach you how to be successful in the bonding technique, which is what makes the lash stay. In Essex, we make sure you are equipped to give your clients the best lashes. After the training course, you can also buy an eyelash extension kit from us, allowing you to start offering the service to your clients right away.

After all of our beauty courses in Essex, you are given an Elite School of Beauty Therapy diploma which allows you to gain insurance from The Beauty Guild. This will enable you to practise your qualifications within the UK. Clients who have done their research for eyelash extensions will be looking for beauticians with the relevant qualifications and insurance, so it’s crucial to have these before offering this service. When you do, however, you’ll find that it’s a great way to add to your business and skill set.

Here in Essex, we offer one-day eyelash extension courses, giving you the chance to learn all the skills you need to offer your clients luscious lashes! Call us here at Elite School of Beauty Therapy on 01279 755077 to see when you can start our eyelash extension course.