Go Classic: How to Achieve the Vintage Make-up look

 Do you want to pull a Taylor Swift and achieve that ‘red lip classic thing that you like’?  Then look no further.

The traditional classic look has been around for generations, from the iconic Marilyn Monroe’s trademark rouge lippy, to being reborn with the modern day icon Taylor Swift. Below I have put together a list of the top six credentials you need to achieve this vintage yet modern look. The style prides itself with a sleek and classy elegance, with simplicity being the key element. Be inspired and give it a go!

Matte Finish Foundation:

The first part of the process is creating the perfect base to build up on, and that requires flawless matte skin. It is important to ensure you have the correct shade for your skin colour, as applying the wrong shade can have a massive effect on the results, click here to find out more.

The first step is to moisturise your face, followed by a layer or primer for a longer lasting finish. Alternatively you can purchase a BB cream containing foundation, which moisturises and primes all in one. A good time saver! After you have prepped, add concealer to areas of discolouration, whether they’re blemishes or dark shadows under the eyes, and then apply your foundation. Your method of application is paramount in the finishing products; you can read a guide to help you successfully apply foundation for the best results!

Red Lipstick:

Red lips are an essential ingredient for achieving the classic look. They create a bold, kick-ass look combined with class and splendour in one effortless swoop. Regardless of your skin tone, whether you represent an ivory tone, or deep beige, you can rock a crimson colour. There are dozens of shades to choose from within the red colour palette that enhance certain skin tones. Unsure if you’re a cherry or cranberry? A complexion guide can help you see which red is right for you.

What is brilliant about red lips is that they are so versatile. As well as a classic look, they also go hand in hand with rock chick, geek chic and even when you’re in casual attire, you can vamp up your look with a burst of colour.

Cat Eye Eyeliner:

Add instant drama and character to your eyes with the fun and quirky eyeliner flick. Gel eye liners are the most effective as they tend to have a bolder colour, are easier to apply and create a sharper more accurate line. Pay tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s style and make your eyes look beautifully large and cute! There are many different techniques you can try, from experimenting with the thickness of the line or the type of flick, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Because this classic look primarily focuses on simplicity, the only dash of colour you need is on your lips, no colour eye shadow is needed. Unless you want to gently sweep a pale cream shade across your lids to hide any discolouration or veins; remember to use eyelid primer to ensure longer lasting finish!

*Top Tip*: I think it looks best if you avoid using eyeliner on your lower lids. You’ve already gone bold on top, so by keeping the eyeliner to a minimum you can achieve bold and classy rather than a grungy ‘overdone’ look.

Black Mascara:

Now it’s time to add lashings of black mascara to your lashes to finish the process. Thick butterfly lashes add a flirtatious sexiness to your look, creating mystery and femininity. You can achieve this by gradually building up 2 or 3 layers, waiting a couple of minutes in between each layer so that the last to dry. This is an important part of the application process as it helps prevent clumps of mascara from accumulating… never a good look!

Alternatively, you can try false eyelashes to get that extra wow factor!

Classic Hairstyles:

In order to achieve the ultimate classic look, you need to ensure your locks are just as glamorous as your makeup. Here are some great classic looks that you must try!

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