Hairdressing chairs to rent

As a training provider of Hairdressing courses, I have many qualified students who start out as freelance Hairdressers but often say how much easier it would be sometimes to have a base to offer their services but without the overheads of running or owning their own Hair Salon so I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the advantages of going down the route of renting a hairdressing chair within an established Hair Salon.

So some advantages to chair rental would be still being your own boss without the start-up costs of equipment leasing and being tied into at least 2 years rental of premises, business rates, utility bills and employer costs for staff. Other advantages of chair rental would be being able to tend to more customers in a day as the normal travel time of a freelance/mobile hairdresser wouldn’t be involved or the petrol costs and thus your earning capacity goes up. Also some people aren’t cut out to work for someone else and like the freedom to make their own decisions so working in a salon environment without having to be an employee and having the choice of which products, equipment to use, services to offer whether that’s to specialise in certain services for example Hair Extensions or to offer all services and which days and hours you’d like to work would enable that person to still feel in control of their business.

Something else to consider is that even though some clients like the ease of having a hairdresser come to their house, others feel more confident in using your services in an established reachable business address.

Whichever route you decide to take as a qualified hairdresser has to be ultimately right for you but it might just be worth considering Hairdressing chair rental as a good way of generating more business for your business!

Clare Weyers


Elite School of hair and Beauty