Hot Hairstyle Trends for Autumn 2014

Changing your make-up for Autumn is an essential part of the annual beauty calendar, and so is finding a chic new hairstyle to match.

Not sure what you should be doing with your hair this Autumn? We’ve made a list of the hottest new hairstyle trends for Autumn 2014 to help you choose the best chop this season.

The Angled Bob

In the Summer, blunt cuts on long hair were everywhere. Now that Autumn is rolling in, it’s time to slash through that cut just above the shoulders to create a modern, dramatic bob. This hairstyle works best with a side parting, and sleeker, straighter hair.

Style Tip: If you’re not one of the lucky few with naturally straight hair, get hold of some heat protection spray and glide a flat iron through the hair to get that simply straight style.

The Modern Mullet

When we say mullet, we’re not talking about Bowie these days. This season’s mullet is choppy, but swept-behind-the-ears for a more stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for soft waves and is mostly maintenance free.

Style Tip: Scrunch with mousse and dry through with a blow dryer to help waves have more definition.

Long Mermaid Waves

It may not be Summer anymore, but if you’ve been holding onto your luscious long locks, then you’re in luck. Plenty of ladies are opting for beach style waves that cascade right down to their hips. Though this style can be hard to maintain in the cold weather, it will definitely look great with a woollen beanie hat.

Style Tip: Apply volumising mousse to wet hair and tossle through. A curling iron can be used to add some extra curls around the face.

The Glossy Ponytail

Whether your hair is super smooth or artfully scrunched, a ponytail is a perfect off-of-the-face style for Autumn. Precise partings are a vital part of the ponytail look this season, and so is keeping your hair well-conditioned as the colder weather comes in. Use a fine-tooth comb to achieve an extreme parting. When the ponytail is tied, wrap an extra strand of hair around it to hide the elastic.

Style Tip: The glossy ponytail really showcases the face, so it’s a good hairstyle to wear with bold eyeshadow colour flashes.

The Textured Braid

Braids have been all the rage this year and the Autumn season isn’t an exception. Ruffled plaits look intricate, but they’re relatively simple to do as long as your know which strands of hair to weave. If you’re unsure, this DIY tutorial for a textured fishtail braid will help hone your plaiting skills.

Style Tip: Scrunch your hair with volumising spray and dry with a diffuser for the best ruffled results.

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