How To Blowdry Your Hair Like A Pro

Blowdry courses HertfordshireHaving your hair blowdried at a salon can make you feel fantastic. Your hair feels smooth, fabulous and voluminous. We would all love that just-stepped-out-the-salon look for our hair everyday! When blow drying your hair at home it can be difficult to get it right, plus, you don’t always have a lot of time to get it looking perfect.

However, there are some techniques and tips which can help to give you a salon look when you blowdry your hair at home. At Elite School of Beauty Therapy we offer hair courses in Hertfordshire so here are my top tips on drying your hair like a pro.

Choosing The Right Brush

Celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler claims that if you use a big brush it gives a smoother look. Round brushes with metal in the middle are also great for a sleek finish, however they can can heat up fast and act like an iron, so don’t direct the heat on it for too long.

The Length Of Your Hair Can Make A Difference

Finding the right brush also means looking for one which works for the length of your hair. A big, thick brush isn’t going to work so well if you have very short hair. Shop around for different sizes to see which one gives you the best result.

Using Products

If you’re using a product to add extra volume, apply it to the roots of your hair as this is where it will have the most effect, and give you that voluminous look. If you want to use hairspray to finish your style, apply it sparingly and from a distance. This is to make sure it evens out on the hair and doesn’t clump in one place.

Don’t Dry Soaking Wet Hair

A big mistake you can make is using your hair dryer straight after getting out of the shower. It’s important not to use it when your hair is still soaking wet, you need to get rid of the excess moisture first. Use a towel to dry your hair first, when hair is less wet you can begin to use your hair dryer. However, use your fingers first to comb through the hair as you dry, save the brush for later on.

Section Your Hair And Start At The Roots

Once your hair is dryer you can now start using the brush. For the best look, section your hair as you blowdry. Start at the bottom and clip the rest of your hair on top of your head. One of the most important things to do is to start at the roots. Wrap the hair around your brush, apply the heat and gradually move the brush down with the heat. Hair dryers can get very hot so don’t let the heat linger too much on your hair as this can damage it.


Elite School of Beauty Therapy offer hair courses in Hertfordshire, helping you become a pro at blow drying and styling hair. Check out our courses available online.