How To Get Fabulous Nails With These Artistic Ideas

Nail Treatment courses in EssexHaving bright and fantastic looking nails makes us feel confident and happy about the way we look. If you’ve tried all your nail polish colours and want something new, we’ve got some creative ideas for you to try out to make your nails look extra fabulous.

The great news is there are so many things you already have in your home which can help you to create nail art. Follow these simple steps to prepare before getting started:

  1. House Hunt – Not literally, you don’t need to look for somewhere new to live. However, you need to hunt and rummage in your house to find one or more of the following to design your new nails: Sellotape, toothpick or a bobby pin and a small make-up brush.
  2. Prepare Your Area – If this is your first time doing nail art then it could get messy. Clear your table or floor and move anything you don’t want to get nail varnish on. Putting tissues down is often wise as well.
  3. Base Coat – Apply a base coat to your nails first as this can give longer lasting results, as well as being beneficial for nails. It also makes it easier to apply the nail varnish.
  4. Colour – The next step is to pick your colours. You’ll need at least two, depending on how creative you want to be! You can check out which colour combinations work well to get some inspiration. Put your first colour on and wait thoroughly for it to dry.

Now, you are ready to start being creative! Which one will you try first?

Polka Dot Fun

Take either a bobby pin or toothpick and dab the tip into the second chosen colour. Carefully add as many spots as you would like to the nails to create a polka dot look. When dry, paint over with clear nail polish for the finish and long-lasting care.

Dual Colour Design

Who knew sellotape could be used for so much more than just sticking things together? Using sellotape allows you to be creative in many different ways. Cut the tape into different shapes, in half or thin strips, if you have crinkly scissors then use these. Carefully place the sellotape on your nail, covering half the nail, then paint your next colour on top. Wait until dry and then slowly peel the sellotape off. You’ll be left with a dual colour nail. If you’re feeling more confident, then add an extra colour too.

Multi-coloured Mixture

Make sure you don’t mind sacrificing a small make-up brush to create some fabulous nail designs. Soft bristles work best. Dip the brush into the nail pot, or if it doesn’t fit, pour a little bit onto a piece of paper and dip the brush in there. Next, gently swipe the brush across your nails horizontally. Do this with as many colours as you wish to get the look you want.

Three simple ways to get fabulous bright nails. If you rummage around your house some more, you never know what you can find to make even more artistic designs.

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