How To Keep Your Skin In Tip-Top Shape This Winter

Our Guide To Keeping Your Skin Glowing Despite The Weather

Winter can really take its toll on your skin. It is not just the weather outside, central heating can also have a negative effect. The differences in temperature and humidity can dry skin out and leave it looking undesirably red. Here are my best tips for protecting your skin.

beautiful skincare tips - essex beauty schoolMoisturise Your Skin

Instead of using a light lotion like you would in the spring and summer, switch to a heavy, thick moisturiser for winter. If you feel it’s too thick on your skin then pat with a face cloth after you have applied. Another top tip is to add a little face oil to your moisturiser as they have essential oils in. A good face oil can be expensive but you only have to use a few drops and it can make a huge difference to your skin. Don’t forget your hands, slather on a good hand cream and make sure it has an SPF. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean the sun isn’t out. Lips also dry out terribly in winter. So make sure you are carrying a good lip balm.

Forget The Perfume

We all love to indulge in those sweet fragrances, but skip perfume as the alcohol content of perfume can strip moisture further and also irritate skin. You can use essential oils instead as these are alcohol-free and natural. Stick perfume is another great alternative as they do not have any alcohol in.

Shorten The Showers

Hot showers also dry out skin. They may be bliss and an excellent way to warm up but hot showers don’t make for happy skin. Keep them short and don’t bathe more than once a day. Lowering the temperature may not be fun but your skin will thank you. Be careful about the shower products you use on your skin too. Harsh products full of chemicals will just dry it out more and increase sensitivity. Switch to a natural product for the best results.

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