Nail Course Secrets! How to Have Healthy and Fabulous Nails

We all want our nails to look great, but this goes beyond just a great nail polish colour.  Keeping your nails healthy is crucial to making them look fabulous. Our nail course in Essex has so many tips for taking care of your nails, here we will let you in on those secrets!

Neatly manicured hands you can achieve at our Essex nail course

One of the questions I frequently get asked at my beauty training school in Essex is, “how can I look after my nails?” or “What advice can I give my clients to look after their nails?” Nails can look gorgeous with nail art and different colours, but taking care of the nail underneath the colour is what’s important.

Mayo Clinic staff claim that our fingernails can indicate if we have other health problems within the body. Taking the time to look after them and notice any changes in colour, shape or thickness is imperative. Nails should be taken care of like any other part of your body, if they are healthy, then you are (probably) healthy. Find out more with our nail course secrets!

Nail Course Secret #1 – Look After Your Hands and Nails

If you take care of your hands, your nails will also benefit. Bacteria can very easily get under your nails, which is why it’s important to keep them clean. Think about activities such as washing up. Your hands and nails are exposed to dirty water, this is why it’s crucial to use washing up gloves.  

Biting your nails has some health risks, as well as simply being a bad habit. Any bacteria from your mouth will be transferred to your nails which is why it’s important to kick the habit.

Washing your hands after they get dirty or become exposed to bacteria is a sure way to help keep hands and nails clean. Moisturising is essential for healthy hands and nails.

You can buy a hand and nail cream in one, giving your hands and nails the regular TLC they need.

Nail Course Secret #2 – Give Your Nails Time to Breathe

Nail polishes and remover do contain some chemicals. Over a long period of time, they can weaken the nail. With this in mind, it’s beneficial to allow your nails time to breathe, and to be polish-free for a few days.

Bright nail polishes can sometimes stain the nail. To help protect your nails from stains, add a base coat. This acts as a barrier and protective layer between the nail polish and your actual nail. This should help to prevent any stains remaining after removing the colour.

When it comes to nail polish remover, you may have heard that it’s better to use non-acetone remover. If you frequently paint your nails then this is definitely the case. Acetone is very strong and can easily dry out your nails. However due to this strength, when removing very dark or very bright colours, it is more effective.

Whichever nail polish and remover you use, remember to moisturise and take care of your hands and nails. Frequently using nail varnish and remover can take its toll, so give your nails a break once in awhile.

Nail Course Secret #3 – Take Care of Your Cuticles

Depending on your daily routine, your cuticles can bear the brunt of a lot of harsh activities and pain, causing them to become very raw. The role of the cuticle is to protect the nail from becoming infected, which is why it is necessary to take good care of them.

While some say it’s okay to trim the cuticle area, others argue that it should be left alone altogether. The important thing is not to break the cuticle, as this leads to the nail being open and exposed to bacteria and infection. You’ll find that some manicurists will push them back, this is okay, as long as the cuticle doesn’t break.  

As well as taking the time to moisturise your hands and nails, you can also invest specifically in cuticle oil. This will help with dry cuticles and nails, generally helping to keep them in better condition.

Our nail course in Essex can teach you all the best ways to have healthy and fabulous nails. There are a variety of different nail courses on offer, depending what skills you would like to learn. Call us on 01279 755077 to find out how you can start a nail course today!