Nail Trends for the Spring Season (plus Top Tips)

Spring is finally here, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet! The experts from our nail course in Essex share with you the top nail trends for Spring, and how you can do them yourself.

Spring manicure/nail art for women in gentle tones with flowers design.


Fashion week gave us a peek at what nail trends we can expect in the upcoming months. An array of different tones and colours were flaunted by the models, many of which will be the top trends this Spring. Find inspiration and ideas below, and learn about how our nail course in Essex can help you get perfect looking nails at home.

Nail Varnish Colours: Pastel and Neutral

A consistent theme you’ll see this Spring is pastel, light and neutral nail varnish colours. Lilac, rose petal, and pale blue are all going to be on the red carpet, and soon to be disappearing from the shelves in the shops! Wearing neutral and pastel colours means your nails will go with a variety of different outfits and styles. There is also so many different shades to choose from, so pick your favourite few and try them out.

Nail Art: Flower Power

Spring is well renowned as the season where the sun comes out and brightly coloured flowers greet us in parks. For this reason, it’s no surprise that having flower nail art during the Spring is a sure way to have great looking nails. Depending how bold you want them to look, or how confident you feel doing designs, the flower look can go a number of different ways. There are very simple ways to do flower designs, but also some more complex techniques, for those of you who are more steady handed and ambitious.

Nail Course Top Tips

Our nail courses in Essex range from learning about nail extensions, manicures, and nail art. Our courses offer expert advice for those wanting to become nail technicians, and teach all the techniques and skills to do so. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn on our nail course…

  1. Always use a basecoat

You may have heard this said before but it’s definitely true. Base coats help to make your nail varnish colour last longer, as it gives the varnish something to stick to. It’s like using a primer before foundation, it makes it look even better for longer! What’s more, some nail varnish colours are very bright and the colours can cling to your nail afterwards, a base coat acts as an extra layer of protection.

  1. Thin layers are better

When applying nail varnish, it’s important to do thin layers of polish. The thicker the layer, the more likely it is to chip away. Applying two or three thin coats of nail varnish is a much better option to make your nail varnish last longer.

  1. Paint your nails at the optimum time

Painting your nails in a rush is always a bad idea. If you’re going out or doing a task shortly afterwards, the risk of smudging them is much higher. Painting your nails just before you have a shower is also a bad idea, as hot water does not mix well with fresh nail varnish. Take time when you paint your nails, sit down, put on some music or watch a film, and allow them to have plenty of time to dry.

  1. Nail art tips

Although nail art can be tricky to do yourself at home, check out our nail art ideas for inspiration. You’ll need a steady hand and plenty of time to get it right, but once you start being able to do simple designs, you can move onto more complex ones. If you really want to learn some nail art skills, try our nail art course here in Essex.

Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex offer a range of nail courses in Essex. We can help you to decide which nail course is best for you and you can soon learn how to do all the nail trends yourself, and able to offer the service to others too.