Natural Therapies: How to Make Your Own Homemade Lip Balm

Sore cracked lips, for many of us, become the bane of our lives during the harsh winter months. Cold sharp winds can leave us hiding our faces in scarves to shield our lips from further discomfort. However, it’s not just the cold that affects their health; hot weather can also dry out and burn our lips, with dehydration and poor diet also being contributing factors.

diy homemade lip balm

Undeniably, applying lip balm onto your lips during the day does help to create a layer of protection from various weather conditions. Whether you’re somewhere hot on holiday or simply at home dealing with the typically cold UK climate, if your lips aren’t healing as quickly as you’d hoped then you are need of some lip SOS!

If you fancy getting creative and becoming your own lip balm maker, then try something a little different and take a look at these natural ingredients that are ideal for giving your lips overnight intensive therapy.

Honey and Petroleum Jelly:

This method won’t only make your lips lusciously silky and smooth but will be absorbed into your dry lips, restoring and locking in the moisture they’ve lost. Honey is a great form of treatment as its antibacterial properties encourage healing and help to prevent infections developing from cracked lips.

Just before bed-time, rub in a thin layer of pure honey onto your lips, and top it off with another thin layer of petroleum jelly. The jelly acts as a further barrier to keep the honey in place and adds extra moisture. The jelly may even curve the temptation of licking off the tasty honey!

Find a cure in Cucumber:

Cucumbers don’t just go well in a tuna sandwich; they have been associated with beauty regimes for quite a while now, especially to freshen up the eyes and reduce the appearance of bags. Now your lips can also reap the juicy benefits…

Turns out, the vegetable that is 90% water is an ideal preference in supplying moisture to your lips. It contains vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen. Collagen will make the skin tissue within your lips resilient and structured, so that they look healthy, luscious and full.

Lastly, the caffeic acid found in cucumber acts as a great supplier of UV protection. You may be having a great time in the 40 degree heat but your lips won’t be! The caffeic acid is perfect for dehydrated and dry lips that are affected by sun damage.

Simply cut up a couple of slices of raw fresh cucumber, rub your finger around the slice, just like you would a vaseline pot. Then apply the water to your lips, not bad for a vegetable you can pick up cheaply from your local shop.

A must for Mango:

Mangoes aren’t just delightfully tasty and refreshing, but they are also rich in fatty acids. Before this puts you off, these acids make mango butter a perfect emollient for your lips, making them superbly soft and moisturised, not to mention smelling lovely.

Here comes the science: the fats found in mango butter are composed of oleic and stearic acids, which are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. What does this jargon mean? I hear you say… Simply put, this means that one end attracts water, meaning your lips get the benefits of added moisture, while the other repels, acting as a waterproof shield to protect your lips. Perfect!

All you need to do is slice up a mango and squeeze out the juices into a cup or onto a plate, whichever is easiest, then apply onto your lips with your finger. Easy.

Sugar, Honey and Coconut Oil Paste:

The main crux of this sweet creation is that your lips are undergoing an exfoliating re-vamp to rid any old dry skin cells from the sugar, as well as being healed and smoothed by the honey and nourished by the coconut oil.

Simply heat the coconut oil to room temperature, stir regularly so you get rid of any hot air pockets. Mix the sugar in well until you achieve  a good consistency and the sugar is distributed evenly. Finally stir in the honey and you’re ready to go. The amount of ingredients you choose is your own preference, so have a little experiment. This one is great to make a large batch of and keep in a little pot next to your bed.

Alternatively, use the same method but replace the coconut oil with olive oil for another creative exfoliating combination. If you’re in a real rush, just pucker up and dab a thin layer of extra virgin oil onto your lips. This ancient natural beauty secret will help prevent dryness and possible chapping. Like all the examples, use at night for the extra intensive conditioning.


This method may not seem as pleasant or as tempting as the others previously mentioned, however our own natural oil, called sebum, acts as the perfect moisturiser and replenishing agent. Not to mention it is the cheapest and easiest (yet not always the most desirable) method.

Hair and skincare products focus on emulating the effects that sebum has, so why not go straight to the source. If you’re sat on the train or the bus, or walking to work and forgot your balm, quickly run your finger along the lower nostril and around the sides of your nose, then sweep your fingers over your lips. Yes, you’ll feel weird throughout the process yet you’ll be surprised! Your natural oil will lock in the moisture and waterproof your lips, go you.

Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin B:

It’s all well and good in curing sore and dry lips, but it is also a bonus if you can prevent them to begin with. B complex vitamins are supporters of healthy skin, so when you feel soreness, dryness or chapping brewing, make sure you stock up on vitamin B. Whether it is in the form of supplements, or even better, by consuming plenty of dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and lean meats.

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