Reiki Healing: What is it Like?

Have you ever been interested by the idea of Reiki healing, but you aren’t completely sure what the treatment entails? We cover the five most important benefits of Reiki in our bite-size guide.

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Are you in need of some deep relaxation? Would like a holistic therapy that strengthens your well being, reduces anxiety, alleviates fatigue, and helps to manage pain after injury? Then look no further. This article will briefly introduce you to the benefits of Reiki healing, why you should consider it, and what you can expect to feel during and after a Reiki session.

What does Reiki stand for?

The word Reiki combines two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki” to mean universal life force energy. When a person’s Ki is high, they will feel confident, tough and ready to take on all of life’s challenges. When it is low, they will feel weak, and their immune system deteriorates meaning they are more likely to fall sick. Reiki treatment holistically addresses that balance, raising your Ki through the energy channelling itself towards the individual needs of the patient. Reiki can spiritually and physically benefit a patient.

The Reiki treatment process:

The practitioner lays his or her hands above or gently, with no pressure, on certain parts of the body, predominantly on the head and front and back of the torso. Additionally, they can target specific areas of the body, if you’ve had an injury or got a surgical scar. Each hand position is held for between two to five minutes. The unseen spiritual energy runs from their hands through to the patient, powered by the High Intelligence. This energy balances and heals the recipient’s body.

The Reiki treatment room is normally small, cosy, and private with subtle soothing music playing in the background, although you can request it to be silent if that is what you’d prefer.

Who can have the Treatment?

Reiki treatment is suitable for anyone of any age, ranging from young children to the elderly. Reiki healing can also be used safely on pregnant women, as it doesn’t cause any harm to the mother or her unborn baby. Reiki is also a great complementary (but not alternative) healing process for anybody suffering from long term illnesses such as cancer. It provides a psychological boost during their overwhelming medical treatment, which is paramount keeping a positive mindset.

Reiki sensations:

As the energy flows from practitioner to patient, your body is likely to respond through various sensations. You may feel only one throughout your sessions, you could experience them all, or in rare cases you may feel absolutely nothing. Whatever you feel, they are always pleasant feelings, as it is essentially a sign that the transferring energy is being welcomed by your body.

Want to know a little more? Read up on the history of Reiki treatment to gain a wider understanding of this popular holistic therapy.

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