How to Take Care of Your Hair During Winter

We all know that the cold winter air can create havoc for our hair. Taking care of your locks properly can save you from dull, lifeless hair.

Even if you love your hair, it doesn’t always love you the way you want it to. As the season changes, so does your hair routine. When it comes to winter, that cold wind means we need to lock in as much moisture as we can and work hard to avoid frizzy hair.

Keep your hair healthy with these simple winter hair care tips:


In winter, the chilly weather can dry out your hair. It is essential to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis. Look for products that could lock in moisture and consider using leave in conditioners to keep your hair really well hydrated. If you suffer from dry hair in the colder months, conditioning hair masks and treatments are an excellent extra.

Get Rid of Static

Static in your hair can prevent you from holding up a decent hairstyle. You can remove static and that extra frizz by using a hair serum. Hair serum coats the hair with a protective layer that prevents the loss of moisture, lots of moisture, less static. When taming your mane is needed,  Instead of using a hairbrush, use a comb. Hairbrushes can create friction, thus creating static.

No Heat

Avoid washing your hair with hot water, as well as limiting the use of those straighteners and curling tongs. Heat can take away the natural sheen from your hair. If you really must use heated hair styling tools, it’s vital to use a good leave in conditioner and set the styling tool on a low heat.

Keep Your Hair Covered

Keep your hair covered with a scarf, a hat or a hood. Covering up your hair will reduce exposure to the cold air and avoid windburn on those blustery days. If you’re worried about the dreaded ‘hat hair,’ wearing a loose beanie hat or a shawl over your hair is the best solution. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for stylish winter hats.

Don’t Go out with Wet Hair

Going out with a wet hair can cause your hair go crunchy and brittle. Squeeze excess water out from your hair with a towel. Then use a diffuser for approximately five minutes. This will prevent your locks from going stiff and leave them naturally soft and flowing.

Trim Hair Regularly

Trimming your hair can help get rid of dry ends and makes your hair look healthier and feel stronger. Cut between ¼ and ⅔ of an inch each time you have a trim. For most people, a trim will be needed every 8 to 10 weeks.

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