The Joys And Benefits Of Working In The Beauty Industry

beauty therapy courses essexEver thought about working in the beauty industry? According to a 2014 survey, hairdressing and beauty salon managers ranked 73rd out of nearly 300 professions for job satisfaction, with a 7.5 score. Vicars and clergy came out on top with an 8.2 level of satisfaction. However, for those of us who don’t feel our calling is within the church, the beauty industry offers an exciting and fashionable alternative.

The Benefits Of Beauty Training

There are multiple benefits for those that train to work in the beauty industry. It’s a true investment towards a long-term, successful career.

Buzzing Business –  In 2014, the UK saw a 24% rise in turnover in spas and salons combined. This staggering amount reflects the nature of the beauty industry and the high demand for both the products and services.

Location – No matter where you are living in the country, your services will always be required. As mentioned above, the industry is buzzing and with one in three women always applying make-up before leaving the house, you can be assured that wherever you live, people will always want beauty services.

Flexibility – Not all beauty salons are 9 to 5; people require appointments before and after work, or on the weekend. This could fit in perfectly with your lifestyle if you have children to look after or other responsibilities.


The Joys Of The Job

If you don’t want a job sat down all day, enduring long meetings, doing the same thing day in and day out, then this is definitely the industry for you.

Sociable – Even if you’re only with a client for half an hour giving a manicure or waxing, you can have a real chat with somebody and get to know them. You’ll have customers who you’ll see regularly that you’ll really get to know and form a relationship with. You can be involved in weddings, parties, babies being born, so it’s an exciting way to meet new people. As well as clients, you work with a team of people everyday and get to know them as well, you’re not communicating in meetings or emails but face to face.

Diversity – As well as having different clients every day, your daily routine will also vary. Depending on your speciality means you will be doing something different everyday. Hairstyles vary for individuals, make up choices differ for complexions, and nail choices must match outfits and personalities. The variety keeps the job new and interesting on a daily basis.

Helping Clients – Clients have a real need for a brand new hairstyle, fabulous looking nails, or ultimate relaxation through Reiki healing, and they’ll be deeply thankful when you fulfil that need. All the treatments you give clients will help them in one way or another. Boosting confidence, de-stressing or just being someone to chat to, you make them feel good about themselves and how they look. You can feel happy in the knowledge that the service and product you are offering will help your clients.


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