The Multi-Purpose Power of Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow Tutorial - Elite School of Beauty TherapyFind out how to use eyeshadow primer to devastating effect with our style guide.

The effectiveness of using a primer is a very controversial matter in the beauty world. I’m going to convince you of its benefits by providing you with the top four reasons why it is a deeply underappreciated make-up product. We spend so much time choosing the best make-up and learning the correct application techniques, so why not go that extra mile and commit to the preparation process? You will really notice the difference.

Primer Explained:

A primer is a creamy emulsion, normally whitish in colour or transparent, which is applied before the base coat. There are four different types of primer; foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara. All of which prepare the surface of your skin ready for you to apply your make-up. This process helps towards improving the quality of coverage, and to lengthen the amount of time that cosmetics last on your skin, eyelids, lashes or lips.

This Soap and Glory eyeshadow primer from Boots is a hot pick. It comes in a transparent or neutral version.

Eyeshadow Primer Vs Base:

There is very little difference between a base and a primer, the basic principle is still to prep your eyelid for make-up. However, a base is normally a lot thicker in consistency, with the sole purpose being to ‘base’ your skin with either a white or neutral coloured layer – very much like applying a base coat when painting a wall. This white base acts as a colour intensifier, making the colour a lot richer; as some powder eyeshadows come out a lot lighter than planned when applied. This results in people over layering the eyeshadow, which has an adverse effect on the quality of appearance (less is more).

One to try is this NYX 2 in 1 base and primer product, which both intensifies colour and provides a smooth canvas for the application of eyeshadow.

Top 4 Benefits of Primers:

1. Prepares the Eyelid

Primer creates a smooth surface which makes it a lot easier to apply eyeshadow. It also creates a good blending canvas, especially when applying shadow up to the eyebrows, and helps your eyeshadow to stay firmly in place.

2. Evens out Skin Tone

Primer is great for covering up discoloured skin on the eyelids. This means it is very helpful for people who have the heredity problem, as it covers and lightens the darkened areas. Also, if you have particularly veiny eyelids, which are a very common, primer is so effective in covering them.

3. Colour Intensifier

Whereas a base, due to its thick white consistency, intensifies colour by acting as a white canvas, the primer works with the eyeshadow and makes the colour pigments look brighter and more vibrant. This is a great solution for people who have darker skin tones

4. Reduces Creasing and Smudging

With summer approaching, some people avoid putting make-up on purely because it will either end up down your face or huge creases will appear on your lids. Reapplying is the only way to keep it looking neat and fresh, which can become tedious. This is where primer can act as a fixative, preventing the creases and smudges that either heat or general eye movements can cause.

Application Method:

Simply place a small amount on your finger and smooth onto your eyelid with your fingers. Thoroughly cover the whole area where you’ll be applying your eyeshadow and get as close to your lashes as possible. Then get your concealer brush and blend in further, just to ensure there are no lumps and bumps. Leave to dry for about five minutes then you’re ready to start applying your eyeshadow!

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