The Top Seven Must-have Makeup Brushes

Seven Must-have Makeup Brushes - Elite Beauty SchoolNeed some advice on what makeup brush is applicable for certain makeup products? This blog will differentiate the variations and the purposes of all the makeup brushes available to you.

If you want something done properly it’s a no brainer that you need to use the correct tools right? This rule applies to the application of your makeup. It’s easy to neglect using the right equipment and instead stick with any old brush that just ‘does the job’. If you want to start using the right kit you don’t have to spend a fortune (unless you want to of course!) Below is a makeup brush 101 to get you started, based on what I find are the most important brushes that should be found in your makeup bag and why,

Foundation Brush:

The bristles of a foundation brush are firmly packed designed to create a smooth and flawless finish and a tapered tip for fluid application. For better distribution a good technique is to dampen the bristles in warm water and squeeze the access into a tissue or towel, and you’re ready to go. If you struggle to blend in any brush marks, some people find it easier to use your foundation sponge. Here are some application tips on how to apply foundation like a pro!

You can also use this brush with primers, BB creams and tinted moisturisers.

Concealer Brush:

Concealer brushes are normally very soft, small and flat with a rounded or almond-shaped tip and short-bristled with firmly packed fibres. Some people think that it’s easier cover up dark shadows under the eye, but when it comes to targeting spots and blemishes a concealer brush is far more accurate. The small brush reaches down directly into the nooks and crannies, whereas your finger will only reach the tallest surface. Read further how to apply concealer in a professional manner

The brush also has an alternative name of a camouflage brush, camouflaging areas such as broken capillaries and areas of discolouration.

Blusher Brush:

This is a large full-headed circular brush which normally has a rounded edge, but blusher brushes that focus more specifically on contouring will have an angled shaped head (although you can contour just as well with a standard round head).  Because of the plushness of the blusher brush, they normally pick up too much pigment on the first swirl, so to avoid a massive pick smudge on your cheekbone, before applying dab off the excess from the brush onto a tissue.

It’s easy to mistake a blusher brush for a powder brush, and vice versa; a powder brush is a larger beefed up version of a blusher brush, with a softer density.

Angled Eyeliner Brush:

These flat and firm angled brushes are a godsend as they can be used for multiple different things! They perfect for creating that cat eye and Egyptian style flick with a gel liner, or you can turn powder eyeshadow into a liquid colour eyeliner! You can achieve this by dipping your brush (with the powder already on the brush) slightly into some water and then sweep across your inner lid.

This brush is multi-functional as you can also use it as a brow definer with brow gel or powder. The sharp straight edge makes it a perfect defining tool.

Smudge Brush:

A smudger brush pretty much does what it says on the tin. Its sole purpose is soften any sharp lines created by your eyeliner pencil, and instead provides you with a smoky eye look. They smudge in a controlled manner due to the small rounded ball shaped head, with short stubbly fibres that are very densely packed. This is a must have brush if you’re a lover of the dark sultry smokey look!

Eyeshadow Brush:

Eye-shadow brushes are to evenly cover your eyelid with eye-shadow, they can come in various shapes, sizes and with varying fibre density. Although generally they have either a rounded or oval shaped brush head with densely packed but not stiff fibres (like the smudger brush for example). The more densely packed then the more colour pigments it will pick up, meaning a richer intense colour. In terms of the size, you’d normally choose a larger brush if you want to use it for various other powder applying purposes on a targeted area, such as a powder highlighter or setting powder for under-eye concealer.

*If you’d like a more in depth description of the different make-up brushes then get up to speed with the complete makeup brush guide.

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