The Top Seven Make-up Mistakes to Avoid

Applying make-up is a part of most women’s daily routine, whether it’s in the morning before the start of the day, a mid-afternoon touch up or re-applying make-up that coincides with evening out attire.

beauty mistakes - essex beauty coursesIt is incredibly easy for people to fall into quick and easy make-up habits that are suitable for their busy lives, unaware that they’re committing some serious make-up blunders! Below are eight of the most common makeup mishaps, followed by simple solutions and product advice, to ensure you’re making the most out of your overall beauty regime.

Primer Perfection

Admittedly, people can be put off using primer, as it is often considered as time consuming and without any visible results. The most commonly asked question when people purchase make-up is: ‘does primer actually make a difference?’ The answer is yes! Applying primer prepares your skin as it smooths and fills any lines that foundation can visibly settle into. Not to mention that it helps to prevent foundation from wearing off throughout the day.

Here are some primers to try!

Skin Savvy

Before you start applying any make-up, even primer, prepare your skin. By this I mean exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. This removes any impurities and dry flaky skin. If you were to apply make-up without clearing your skin first, any make-up you apply will only sit on top, emphasising them even more. Having an effective skincare regime will make your skin glow naturally, so your make-up enhances rather than you being dependant on it!

 Foundation Failures

It’s safe to say that we have all been guilty of choosing the wrong foundation colour. Whether you test out suitable colours on the back of your hand in Boots, or you’re fair skinned so you think ‘ivory will do’ – that’s where you’re wrong! There are numerous shades that accommodate every skin colour. Ensure you allow yourself time and test the shades on your clean skin and in natural light. Some beauty stores such as Boots even offer consultations to get a true match!

Eyeliner Errors

There are three main errors when applying eyeliner: applying too much on the lower lid, using too much black, and not creating a straight line. Firstly, it is universally assumed that black outlines, especially on the lower lid, and make your eyes look bigger, but this is not the case! Thick black lines under the lower lashes make your eyes look smaller. Not to mention that it is easily smudged, which in turn makes you look tired. Use either a brown eyeliner for a subtle line or a light brown eye shadow. This defines your eyes making them look fresh and awake.

*Expert tip* To achieve a straight line on your upper lid, do not pull at the corner of your eye to apply, as this increases creases. Instead raise your chin with your eyes slightly open. Simple yet effective!

 Line the Lippy

Once again, lining your lips adds extra minutes to your busy schedule, yet it is more than worth it in order to have luscious looking lips. It is essential, especially when applying a dark shade, as the edges of your lips will look wobbly and smudged. So make your lips look well defined and sharp by using a lip liner. One crucial tip: ensure the liner is the same colour as your lipstick shade, especially if you’re using a pale lipstick. The lip liner is meant to be an invisible definer, not a bold visible outline!

Get further tips on applying lip liner here.

Mascara Mishaps

When it comes to applying mascara, people usually think bolder the better, which, depending on the look you’re after, can be the case. However, this doesn’t mean you apply more than two coats to your lashes. Clumpy spider lashes are a beauty no, no. Instead, find a mascara that contains volume enhancing ingredients, to avoid the over applying. This way you’ll have thick black lashes that also look softly defined.

Eye Shadow Excess

When it comes to eyeshadow, more doesn’t mean better. Subtlety is key, even when you’re getting dolled up for a night on the town. Youreye shadow palette may come with six different shades, but only use three maximum for a contoured look like Taylor Swift.  Dark for along the eyelashes to define, medium on the lid as the bulk and the light shade near the eyebrows to highlight. An explosion of colours will only over complicate your look; depending on the occasion, fancy dress would be applicable! During the day one simple shade swept across your lids or a simple colour eyeliner will be effective.

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