How You Can Travel The World After Training At Beauty School

Ever wanted to travel the world but wondered how you can do it while working too? Beauty training at Elite Beauty School Essex offers amazing opportunities to travel and work.

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Enjoy the world after Beauty School

We are lucky enough to live in a time when travelling the world is much easier than it use to be. Flights are available to almost everywhere, making it so simple to explore, learn about new cultures and see other parts of the globe.

Often the desire to travel is restricted by money, but what if there was a way to see the world and work at the same time? Having practical skills, such as beauty therapy, offers some great opportunities to travel and earn money while doing it.

Our Beauty School in Essex can equip you with all the skills you need to become a globe-trotting beauty therapist, but how?

Working on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships remain a popular travel and holiday choice for many people. The market is also expanding to cater cruise ships for younger people.

Not all cruises are the same, but many will travel by sea and then spend time docked in a particular area of the world. Often associated with luxury, the essential of any cruise ship is a spa. Beauty therapists are always needed on cruise ships for jobs such as massage therapy, waxing and hair removal, makeup, facials and much more.

If you are trained as a beauty therapist and love the idea of travelling and working, this is ideal. The working hours are long and it will be tiring at times, but a completely different experience to working in a salon. You’ll find some helpful and honest reviews about life working on a cruise ship here.

Why not look into this one you’ve finished your beauty training?

Working in a Hotel or Resort

Good hotels come with glorious spas and a range of beauty treatments on offer. A luxury hotel anywhere in the world will offer these services. Many hotels will welcome international staff and you can apply for said jobs back in the UK. Be sure to find out as much as possible about the job and country you’re heading to beforehand.

Many hotels chains are international and this can be a good gateway to be posted abroad. Working in a hotel spa in the UK can be good for gaining the experience and ensuring you enjoy this style of work. If you choose this career path, it’s a wonderful way to live abroad and fully immerse yourself in another culture. It’s even possible to be a freelance beauty therapist abroad — if you’re in the right environment and can find a good client base.

How Can I Find These Job Opportunities After My Beauty Training?

Although it may seem daunting to take a step into a different kind of lifestyle, it’s a unique opportunity to travel the world. You’ll be able to search online to find jobs you are looking for. Ask friends and family to see if anyone else they know has done something similar.

There are many websites set up to cater for those who want to work abroad. Make sure that you vigilantly check your contract before moving anywhere. Be prepared that expectations may vary from country to country and job to job. You never know, your dream job could be waiting for you abroad!

Completing a beauty training course offers so many different job opportunities. If you have a desire to travel, then it is possible to see the world and work using your skills and qualifications. Check out our hair and beauty training courses at Elite Beauty School Essex to see what you can specialise in before you travel.