What Can I Expect From Going to Beauty School?

Taking the plunge into a new career or to learn a new set of skills can be nerve-wracking. You’ll want to know what to expect to make sure you’re prepared. Our beauty school in Essex can tell you what to expect.

Beauty tools for make up and hair in action at beauty school

Deciding to work in the beauty service industry is a great investment. Wherever you go, there is always a demand for hair stylists, nail technicians, and makeup artists. The National Career Service predict that by 2020, there will be nearly 600,000 people in the UK working as beauty therapists. That’s almost 20,000 more than at the moment!

It’s also a career which you can start at any age, and beauty schools with part-time or evening courses are great for those wanting a career change.

What to expect from Beauty School

Before starting a beauty training course,  you’ll have so many questions about what you’ll learn and what it will be like. It’s natural to want to gain all the information before you invest in a course.

Our Beauty School here in Essex is happy to answer all of your questions before you start.

How Long Will the  Beauty Course Take?

Our courses are very short, with some taking only one or two days. These short courses are ideal for somebody already employed within the beauty industry, or for someone who wants to gain the qualification quickly.

Our beauty school also offers NVQ training. Although it takes longer than our short courses, it is still much quicker than at your local college as the number of students in the class is small. An NVQ course at our beauty school usually takes about 10 weeks.

Is There an Exam? How Do I Practise the Practical Skills?

Our beauty school focuses on intense practical training, which is why we offer a lot of short courses. As such, there is no formal exam at the end of the course, however, you will be assessed throughout the day.  You will practise all the skills on models, or, you can bring a family or friend to test your skills on.

Who Will Be Training Me?

All of our tutors have been working in the industry for many years, with the relevant teaching qualifications, as well as the beauty knowledge. There are also two City and Guild Assessors on our staff.

You will be in very professional hands throughout the course, and will be able to ask questions about working in the profession, as well as learning all the skills you need.

How Many Other Students Will I Be With?

This is what makes Elite Beauty School unique and suitable for so many students, our classes are extremely small. “It’s like having one-to-one tuition,” we’ve heard from students, which is ideal for learning.

There is no more than four students per class, meaning you can ask as many questions as you like as you go through the day, and ensuring you have all the attention you need to gain the skills confidently.

Do I Need to Bring Anything or Wear Anything Specific?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as you’ll be wearing them all day. If you already have a uniform for your work in the beauty industry, then you are more than welcome to wear this for your training.

You don’t need to bring anything apart from yourself, as all the equipment and products you need will be at the beauty school. You can also purchase a starter kit for when you finish, meaning you’ll have everything you need to carry out the treatments when you complete the course.

Can I Start Working as Soon as I Have Completed the Course?

Yes! After the course you will receive the Elite School of Beauty Diploma, enabling you to practise your beauty therapy skills. It will also enable you to gain insurance to do the treatments from The Beauty Guild. Being insured is a crucial part of being a beauty therapist, so it’s vital to become insured after you receive your qualification, as soon as you begin to offer treatment.


Got any more questions about beauty school? Feel free to email or call us on 01279 755077. Elite School of Beauty Therapy is a leading beauty school in the South East of England, offering a range of hairdressing and beauty training courses.