What Can I Learn From A Body Treatment Course?

Body treatments (essentially whole-body facials) are increasingly popular in many salons and spas. Body treatments can consist of tanning, body wraps, full body exfoliation and conditioning. These beauty treatments offer clients a chance to look and feel great all over their body. Whilst different treatments can offer different benefits, one of the main draws is the relaxation they offer clients.

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There’s no doubt that taking a body treatment course can be a real benefit to your beauty career. It enables you to offer clients the latest treatments, allowing them to try something which they may not have had before. Read on to find out how our beauty training in Essex can teach you how to give full professional body treatments, and what exactly you can learn in them.

What will I learn in a body treatment course?

Different courses cater for different treatments types. There are four body treatment courses here at Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex. Our beauty courses are designed to cater to whichever skills you want to learn.

Tanning Courses

There are two courses which offer skills in tanning; spraying and manual tanning. In these courses you will learn about different skin types and which tanning method will work best with different skin types. In a combined course you will also discover how to exfoliate and moisturise, offering the best results for your clients.

Body Wraps and Exfoliation

There is a body wrap course available, as well as a specialist course offering three in one: wraps, manual tanning and full-body exfoliation.  You will learn about how these treatments can work with weight loss programmes, and about the different products which are used. These courses offer you a diverse skill set which will be great for your career.

For each course you complete you will receive an Elite School of Therapy diploma. Our diploma is accredited by The Guild of Professional Therapists, enabling you get insurance to use your new qualification to give body treatments to clients. This accreditation means clients will be confident in your skills and knowledge and happy to receive your treatment.

Do I need any previous skills?

One of the great things about our beauty training in Essex is that our courses are designed for people with minimal experience. Many courses are specifically designed  for those with no previous experience, therefore the course will start from the basics and give you all the information you need to gain the skills and qualification.

For more information about our body treatment courses click here or call Elite School of Beauty Therapy on 01279 755077. Gain the skills to offer your clients the best possible body treatment!