What career opportunities are available for those that complete a hair and beauty course?

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The key to a happy work life is doing something that you love for a living. But if you want to launch a career in hair and beauty, you’ll have to complete a course in hair and beauty training. You may be surprised to learn that there is a variety of different career opportunities within hair and beauty. It’s important to specialise in a specific area if you want to be the very best. Here are just a few career possibilities to get you inspired:

1. Working in a salon or spa

Working in a salon or spa is a great place to start a career as you’ll most likely be working within a team which can help you to develop your skills. If you like to work closely with other people then this is a fabulous option. You’ll also be able to socialise with all your clients and may get to know some of them well if they return again and again.  If you work hard at a salon or spa and love what you do, you may even become a salon manager.

2. Working and travelling

Are you the kind of person that wants to get out and see the world? It might surprise you to learn that there are some excellent opportunities to travel whilst working in the hair and beauty industry. Most cruise ships will have salons which need hair stylists and beauticians on board. This is an amazing opportunity to see new places and work in a totally different environment to a regular salon.

As well as cruise ships, hotels and resorts also require hair stylists, beauticians and beauty therapists. You may find yourself in an exciting land far away from home, meeting clients that are travellers from all over the world. If you enjoy meeting different people from other cultures, then this is exciting opportunity could be for you.

3. Getting creative in arts and entertainment

Do you often dream of the silver screen? Actors, stars and celebrities never appear on camera without a touch up (or ten) and you could be the one to give it to them! If you want to be close to TV, film or theatre, then this could be the option for you. It’s a totally different world from working in a salon and often demands intense hours, but if you enjoy rising to a challenge and have a passion for both beauty and the arts, then this could be the perfect career for you.

If you want to break into makeup in the arts, then you will need to decide on a specific area or job role to focus on. For example, films and television makeup is different to theatre makeup, as cameras allow close-up shots of the face.

4. Becoming a makeup artist for models

If makeup is your real passion, then I’m sure you may have thought about becoming a makeup artist. This is another career which you’ll have to work extremely hard to do, but if it’s what you want then there here are a few tips. Firstly, practise whenever you can, on yourself and your friends, to make sure you become a real pro. Secondly, keep up with the trends, both in makeup and fashion. Having some knowledge of fashion will also help if you want to do makeup for models. Lastly, make as many contacts as possible, talk to people at events you attend, and get your profile online so people will know your name. “Enthusiasm is important!” claims John Stapleton, senior makeup artist for M.A.C Cosmetics, so be passionate. If it’s a career you really want then go for it!

5. Becoming a mobile stylist

Becoming a mobile hair and beauty stylist is great for those who really want their job to fit around their own schedule and lifestyle. If you have children or other responsibilities, then this seems like a really natural fit. As opposed to working in a salon or spa, a mobile stylist will go to people’s homes, rather than them coming to you. However, one of the difficulties of becoming a mobile stylist is building up clientele. If you’ve worked in a salon for a while, then some of your clients may be happy to have you come to their home. Social media and websites play a key role in marketing yourself as a mobile stylist. If you can set yourself up well, building a good reputation, then this is a really good career opportunity.

Another option for mobile stylists is catering for something specific, such as weddings. Wedding hair is very popular as everybody needs their hair to look perfect for the big day. Being part of somebody’s wedding to get the look they want is an amazing feeling and could be the career for you.

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