Help! I want to do a beauty course, but I don’t know which is best…

Have you ever thought about a career in beauty? If so, we’re here to help you decide which beauty course is right for you.

beauty courses in Hertfordshire

If you’re the kind of person who loves experimenting with new makeup or trying different hairstyles, then taking a beauty course, or choosing a career in beauty is a brilliant idea. There are so many benefits to starting a beauty training course, including turning your passion or hobby into something you are paid to do. Once you’ve decided on working in beauty, the next thing to think about is acquiring the skills, and most importantly, which skills exactly you want to learn.

Many of our beauty courses in Hertfordshire are designed for people with minimal experience, meaning you can take a course at any point in your life — no matter what your age is or previous experience level.

Choosing a speciality

You may love styling hair, painting nails and doing makeup, but it’s usually a good idea to focus on learning how to do one thing really well to begin with. Sometimes making the decision is easy, especially if you are already passionate about a certain subsection of beauty. Sometimes the decision can be harder if you don’t know what to specialise in.

Start by thinking, if you were helping your friend get ready for a big date and could do just one part of her makeup, what would it be? As your skills advance and you take more courses then you can add to your qualifications and start to offer a broader service. When it comes down to first choosing a course, go with the one you love the most. Here are some questions to help you decide:

When doing beauty myself, which part do I love the most?

Do my friends and family compliment me on my hair/nails/hair removal/ makeup/eyebrows/eyelashes?

What trends do I try and keep up with?

Which beauty treatment allows me to be creative?

What environment can I picture myself working in?

Choosing a beauty course around your schedule

Decided on your speciality? Great! The next step is to choose a beauty course which is right for you. If you are looking for a career change or have other responsibilities, our beauty courses in Hertfordshire are very flexible and can work around busy schedules.

It’s important to look out for courses which are approved by the Beauty Guild. They are one of the biggest professional beauty trading bodies in the UK and members are able to gain insurance so they can practise beauty treatments within the UK.

As a Beauty Guild accredited training school, our beauty courses in Hertfordshire offer students the chance to enroll and fit around their own schedules. This means some courses are as short as one day. How can you train in only one day? The courses we offer at our beauty school in Hertfordshire have very small classes, this means that you are given lots of attention as you learn, and are able to ask questions throughout the day. The courses are intensive and you will need to work hard, but you will be starting on the practical skills almost immediately and learning very quickly.

What else do I need to know?

After choosing a specialty and then deciding if you want to do a short course or longer course, there are still a few more things to think about before you commit yourself to a beauty training course. Firstly, think about where you might want to apply for jobs or where you want to work. There are lots of career opportunities for those that complete a hair and beauty course, so start to think about this before applying. Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask questions before starting the course. Here are some questions worth asking:

What qualifications do the tutors have?

Is there an exam?

Where can I buy my products from after I have finished training?

You want to invest in a course that you are happy with and feel confident that you’ll have the right skills at the end of it. Choosing to do a beauty course is exciting, so explore the options and find a course that’s right for you!

At Elite School of Beauty Therapy, we run a range of different beauty courses in Hertfordshire. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have so call us on 01279 755077 or look at our frequently asked beauty questions for anything else you may want to know.