Which is the Best Nail Course in Essex?

There is a variety of nail treatments available, each one providing a different look or style. Before it gets too overwhelming, let us help you decide which nail course to choose.

Nail Courses Essex manicure set

Having a career in beauty is fulfilling in so many ways. Nail courses are always a solid way to get beauty work as the demand for nail treatment is high. Nail varnish outsold lipstick in 2015, and on average, women get their nails done at the salon twice a month. This demonstrates that the desire to have great looking nails is a trend which is here to stay.

What’s more, new ideas, trends, and treatments are always emerging, meaning it’s an exciting and creative industry to work in. Deciding which beauty course is best for you can be difficult and if you’ve decided you want to work in the nail industry, you are then faced with which nail course to choose! We’re here to help you decide, and tell you about the nail courses we offer in Essex at Elite School of Beauty Therapy.

Types of Nail Courses in Essex

Our nail courses in Essex are a great option for those who want to do a short beauty course and learn the skills required as soon as possible. Here are our most popular nail courses:

Manicure and Pedicure Courses  – We offer these as two separate courses. The manicure and pedicure are the bread and butter of any nail technician. The course teaches you hand and foot massage treatment, the indulgence which everyone looks forward to when having this treatment at the salon. The courses go through the standard techniques you will need to do the treatment: nail shaping, cuticle work, exfoliation and more.

Nail Art Courses – Going beyond colour, nail art is on trend. Multi-tones, glitter, shapes, animals and gemstones… you name it, it can be done with nail art. Even bubble nails have had their fifteen minutes of fame. Nail art can be done both natural and artificial nails. You’ll need a steady hand for this one but if you like to be creative, it’s an ideal course to choose.

Nail Extensions  – For this nail course you will need to have completed the manicure course. There are two different nail extension courses, one teaching about acrylic nails, and the other about UV gel. Both courses will go through how to apply the nail extensions to make them look natural for clients.

Party Nails Course – This is a relatively new nail course which teaches learners about nail extensions for special occasions. These type of nail extensions require little maintenance and are easily removed. They look really natural so if it’s just for a one-off event, these are a perfect solution.

Choosing the right nail course

The manicure and pedicure nail courses are both crucial if you want to work in the nail industry and become a nail technician. Once you attend this beauty course, you’ll be able to understand much more about nails, treatment of nails, and deciding if you think it is the right choice for you.

Once you have these skills and qualifications, you’ll be able to apply for nail technician jobs in salons.

The other courses allow you to build on your initial skills, making you stand out to potential employers and able to offer more to your clients. The nail art course is an ideal option to get creative and show off your artistic skills.

Do you work in the wedding or events industry as a beautician? If so, acquiring the skills to be able to do nails for these events is a sure way to make you stand out from competitors. The party nails course is ideal if you want to be able to offer that something a little bit extra, and as a short course it won’t take long for you to become qualified.

Whichever nail course you choose, the nail industry is a fantastic place to work. To find out more about our nail courses in Essex, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01297 755077.