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Top Bridal Makeup Tips to Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing, Make up

On your wedding day you want to look perfect in every single way. Dress, hair, makeup, shoes, accessories! There is so much to think about. We share some advice from our makeup courses and hair courses in Essex, for how to look stunning on your wedding day.

Beautiful blonde bride in bridal makeup with a bouquet of flowers

A wedding is a magical event, and you want to look beautiful for your special day. There are many ways you can do this, but making decisions can be difficult. The best thing to do is start to plan things in advance. Having plenty of time to try out bridal beauty ideas means that by the time the big day comes around, you’ll know exactly what you want.

If you choose a stylist for your wedding, be sure to be totally honest with them about the hairstyle and/or makeup you would like. You want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your look, so show them photos and ideas you have.

Bridal makeup and hair courses in Essex

Here in Essex we offer a bridal hair course, and a makeup course which teaches makeup for weddings and special occasions. If you work in the beauty industry, they are great course choices and can give you some different career opportunities.

Here our experts in Essex share tips for how to look stunning on your wedding day!

Bridal Hair Tips

Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is a big decision. Not only will you be having the do all day, but it will be in all of your photos, so you don’t want to look back and wish it had been different. There are 3 things to consider when thinking about bridal hairstyles:

  1. Style to match your dress – Your hairstyle can vary a lot depending on the dress you choose (Golden rule: always choose your dress first). You want a hairstyle which compliments your dress but doesn’t deter the attention away from it. You’ll also need to think about if you want to wear a hair accessory.
  2. Always be comfortable – This may seem obvious but you want a hairstyle that’s comfortable; you’ll have the same style all day, so you don’t want those bobby pins to start digging in or that plait to be too tight. Just like a dress, you need to be glamorous and also comfortable.
  3. Don’t be too ambitious – Have you always wanted to cut your hair short? or try the rainbow hair craze? I would recommend trying these things after your wedding. You might want a new look for your wedding but if it goes wrong, or doesn’t suit you, it could be difficult to get it looking normal again!

Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Like hairstyles, it’s a great idea to try different looks. Do you want a natural look? maybe bright coloured lips? These are the things you can experiment with before the big day. When trying out different makeup styles, find a top which is the same colour as your dress, so you can see how the colours and tones will match. Here are our top 3 tips for bridal makeup:

  1. Keep it simple –  Like the hair, it’s best not to be too extravagant with your makeup, don’t let too many colours deter away from the dress. You also don’t want to wear lots of makeup as this will show under lighting and in photographs, which you definitely do not want!
  2. Think about dress colour – Remember the golden rule of picking a dress first? You need to know the colour of your dress to think about colours and tones of makeup to compliment it.
  3. Durability of makeup – You’ll be wearing the makeup all day so you need it be durable. Also, remember that you may be prone to crying on your wedding day, so wearing waterproof mascara is a must!

Elite School of Beauty Therapy offer a bridal hair course in Essex, as well as makeup courses which teach bridal and photographic makeup application. It’s a wonderful feeling to make brides look stunning on their special day! So give us a call on 01279 755077 to find out more!


How To Blowdry Your Hair Like A Pro

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing

Blowdry courses HertfordshireHaving your hair blowdried at a salon can make you feel fantastic. Your hair feels smooth, fabulous and voluminous. We would all love that just-stepped-out-the-salon look for our hair everyday! When blow drying your hair at home it can be difficult to get it right, plus, you don’t always have a lot of time to get it looking perfect.

However, there are some techniques and tips which can help to give you a salon look when you blowdry your hair at home. At Elite School of Beauty Therapy we offer hair courses in Hertfordshire so here are my top tips on drying your hair like a pro.

Choosing The Right Brush

Celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler claims that if you use a big brush it gives a smoother look. Round brushes with metal in the middle are also great for a sleek finish, however they can can heat up fast and act like an iron, so don’t direct the heat on it for too long.

The Length Of Your Hair Can Make A Difference

Finding the right brush also means looking for one which works for the length of your hair. A big, thick brush isn’t going to work so well if you have very short hair. Shop around for different sizes to see which one gives you the best result.

Using Products

If you’re using a product to add extra volume, apply it to the roots of your hair as this is where it will have the most effect, and give you that voluminous look. If you want to use hairspray to finish your style, apply it sparingly and from a distance. This is to make sure it evens out on the hair and doesn’t clump in one place.

Don’t Dry Soaking Wet Hair

A big mistake you can make is using your hair dryer straight after getting out of the shower. It’s important not to use it when your hair is still soaking wet, you need to get rid of the excess moisture first. Use a towel to dry your hair first, when hair is less wet you can begin to use your hair dryer. However, use your fingers first to comb through the hair as you dry, save the brush for later on.

Section Your Hair And Start At The Roots

Once your hair is dryer you can now start using the brush. For the best look, section your hair as you blowdry. Start at the bottom and clip the rest of your hair on top of your head. One of the most important things to do is to start at the roots. Wrap the hair around your brush, apply the heat and gradually move the brush down with the heat. Hair dryers can get very hot so don’t let the heat linger too much on your hair as this can damage it.


Elite School of Beauty Therapy offer hair courses in Hertfordshire, helping you become a pro at blow drying and styling hair. Check out our courses available online.


Clip-in Extensions: Keeping Hair Looking Strong, Healthy and Beautiful

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing

Worried about the ‘shelf-life’ of your hair extensions? Concerned about the potential damage your extensions could do to your own hair? Stick to these top tips for styling and hair care to keep both your extensions and natural hair in beautiful condition from root (or clip) to tip!

Clip-in hair extensions are a relatively cheap and easy way to mix up your daily hair styling routine. They can be used to add length and volume to your existing hair with minimal effort; just clip in and away you go!

There are two types of hair extensions you can buy – human hair or synthetic. While synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, you are far more limited with what you can do with them as far as styling goes. Synthetic extensions will melt if exposed to heat, so straighteners and curling irons are out! You won’t be able to dye them either and some of the cheaper ones can have a nasty plastic shine to them. Add to this the fact that synthetic extensions will probably only last a maximum of 3 months, and you begin to understand why they are so cheap.

Human hair extensions are by far the better option, especially if you plan on using them on a regular basis. Yes, you will pay a higher premium for human hair, but as they say, you get what you pay for. Human hair extensions will blend much more seamlessly with your own hair and will look much more natural. You will also be able to style them and care for them as you would your own hair and, depending on how often they are worn and styled, can last from six months to a year or more.

Clip-in 101

Clip-in hair extensions can offer the same advantages as permanent hair extensions without the commitment. Permanent extensions require weaving, glueing or braiding which takes time (and money) and usually last between three to six months. With clip-in extensions, however, you can easily attach and remove the extensions yourself in a few minutes, leaving you free to change up your style whenever you feel like it.

Clip-in hair extensions won’t damage your own hair and, as you can remove them at any time, you are free to give your head and scalp a rest whenever you like. Most clip-in extensions are made up of multiple wefts (woven hair) that you attach to your own hair via small clips or combs that have been securely glued or sewn into the weft. Glam Time Hair Extensions offer more in depth ‘how-to’ instructions and insider tips in their ‘Clip-In Guide’ here.

Daily Styling

The beauty of clip-in extensions made from human hair is that you can style them with anything that you’d normally use on your own hair. But before you whip out your straighteners or curling tongs, remember to use a heat protector spray! Just like your own hair, your extensions can be damaged by too much heat so always protect before your style and remember, ‘the less heat the better’.

You are free to use hairspray, mousse and other styling products when you’re wearing your clip-in extensions too, but anything you put on will stay on until you next wash your extensions or brush them through (if you’re using brush out hairspray for example).

*Expert tip* You may find that your extensions respond quicker to heat styling tools than normal hair, so be extra cautious not to apply too much heat!

Extension Care

To keep your clip-in extensions looking as great as the day you bought them, it’s important to have a regular care routine in place, especially if you use a lot of hair products and heat styling appliances.

How to brush your clip-in hair extensions

You should always try to keep your clip-in hair extensions as tidy and tangle free as possible when not in use. After removing your extensions use a soft bristled brush to remove any knots, tangles or product build up. Hold your extensions by the weft or the clip and brush downward from the top weft to the ends. Never brush your hair extensions when they are wet!

How to wash your clip-in hair extensions

Unlike your own hair, your extensions won’t be getting lots of lovely natural oils and nutrients from your scalp to help keep them nourished. It’s for this reason that you should avoid washing your clip-in extensions too often, generally washing every four to six weeks should suffice.

Before washing your extensions, give them a quick brush to remove any big knots or tangles. If you have multiple clip-in extensions, it is best to wash them separately to avoid any unwanted tangle incidents! Fill a sink or bath with warm water and wet your extensions, holding them securely by the clip/weft. Depending on your preferences, you can either add the shampoo to the water and swirl your extensions in the soapy mixture, or massage a small amount of shampoo into your extensions in a downward motion and then rinse in the water.

*Expert tip* Use a shampoo with low or no sulphates to wash your extensions. Sulphates will dry out your hair extensions and could lead to a loss of colour. For more information about why sulphates and hair extensions don’t mix, check out this blog post by Babe Hair Extensions.

How to condition your clip-in hair extensions

To help lock in moisture give your extensions a second rinse under cold running water before conditioning. Squeeze out any excess water and apply conditioner to the hair. You can massage the conditioner into the hair using your fingers or gently comb through with a spacious wired comb – DON’T use a brush!

You can leave the conditioner to work for an hour if you wish or rinse out straight away. Squeeze out any excess water and lay your extensions out on a clean dry towel. Spray with some leave in conditioner or serum and allow them to dry naturally where possible.

How to dry & store your clip-in hair extensions

Allowing your hair extensions to dry naturally is always the best option, but if you’re strapped for time you can blow dry them, just remember to use a heat protector before you do! Once your extensions are completely dry, give them a brush to get rid of any knots or tangles from washing and store neatly away. Always make sure your hair extensions are bone dry before you store them to avoid any nasty musty smells or mildew incidents!

*Expert tip* Never store your extensions in plastic bags or packaging! If you want to pack them away use cotton or any breathable material. Alternatively just tie a couple of hairbands loosely around the extensions to keep them neat and store alongside your other hair styling products.

Elite School of Beauty offers a fully accredited level 3 course in hair extension services. To know more about this offer, visit our hairdressing course training page, the Facebook page or contact Clare Weyers directly by telephone on 01279 755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk.

Beautiful Hairstyles for the Bride to Be

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing, Trends

bridal hairstyles - makeup courses in EssexWe all dream of our big day, and whilst the seating arrangements and the menu are very crucial, for us girls, nothing is more important than making ourselves look and feel utterly beautiful. Choosing the right dress can be a challenging and time consuming event for some of us, and I’ve found that hair and makeup can sometimes be pushed aside right till the last minute.

Below I have curated a small list of a few of my favourite hairstyles, for various lengths, that I think look gorgeous for the bride to be to get you started on your search. The list is far from exhaustive but hopefully it will inspire you and get you thinking, there’s nothing worse than having a few champagnes the morning of, panicking over up do’s or down do’s!

Short Hair:

The Sleek Angled Bob  is perfect if you want to go down the route of pure simplicity and elegance. This is easy to do if your hair is longer as you can cut it to style. However if your hair is a lot shorter it is paramount that you establish this as the style you want way in advance to give your hair time to grow.

The simplicity of this style allows you to really go to town on your hair accessories and jewelry. The bridal bird cage hair net coincides so well with this look; it adds class and detail in a subtle manner.

Take a look at Bride.com for a more hairstyle examples for short hair.

Mid-Length Hair:

The Low Voluminous Up-do is one of my all-time favourites, followed closely by the Curly Bun and Side French Braid. Both are very similar, yet the low voluminous bun has a more straight sleek look, with the bouffant adding a very sixties dramatic look. This style once again is very simple yet elegant.

The curly bun and side French braid typically represents a girly girl who loves detail and intricacy. The curls give a very soft feminine look, especially when delicately framing the face. A tiara sits perfectly with this style, or flowers, depending on your preference.

Take a look at a wider range of bridal styles suitable for medium length hair.

Long Hair:

The Large Elegant Bun is striking and bold and signifies confidence and drama. You’ll need long hair to truly depict this look as the larger the bun the better. You can either choose to accessories this with some bold statement earrings or soften the look by adding a flower or any accessories that uniquely represents you.

The Side Wavy Down-do is the epitome of prettiness and femininity. Sweeping the long mass of curls over one shoulder exposes one side of you neck, which looks elegant and classy, definitely one to go for if you love your curls!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at more bridal hairstyles that are perfect for long locks!

Additionally, if you need inspiration for your brides maids take a look at Bridal Guide for an exhaustive list of beautiful hairstyles for any hair length. You’re bound to find the perfect style for you.


Elite School of Beauty offers Level 3 Bridal Hair Styling courses. To know more about this offer, visit our hairdressing course page, the Facebook page or contact Clare Weyers directly on this number 01279 755077 or email your query to info@elitebeautyschool.co.uk

Treat your Hair this New Year with Natural Oils

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing

Washing, drying and brushing, especially in these harsh winter months can leave your hair dry, brittle and even more unmanageable than ever before! If this sounds like you, then instead of hiding underneath your woolly hat, maybe it’s time to be creative and take your hair conditioning routine up a notch by using these lovely oils… the added bonus: they’re all natural and chemical free!

haircare tips - essex hairstyle coursesAll of these products can be used as pure oil, but conveniently a lot of hair products such as Herbal Essences, Ultimate Blends and OGX already contain these oils. So whether you want to include these oils within your regular hair washing routine or you want a one off pure oil treatment, below are some popular as well as some weird and wonderful oils I recommend you try!

Coconut Oil

If you want soft, luscious and shiny hair, coconut oil will provide just that. Instead of only creating the cosmetic appearance of health, it actually does boost hair and scalp health and repairs your damaged hair. It also contains antimicrobial which controls the fungus causing dandruff, so if you are prone to dandruff this could be your magic cure!

Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Hair Repair Treatment is one of my favourites. You apply the treatment after you’ve washed and towel dried your hair, leave in for 5 minutes then rinse. Perfect if you want a fortnightly deep treatment.

Coconut Oil Hair Shine takes a more solid form yet turns into a silky balm within your fingertips; this is a leave in balm that you apply onto dry hair.

Argan Oil

Argan oil has become increasingly popular with many products now containing this must try liquid gold! It contains copious amounts of Vitamin E, which itself contains natural antioxidants, which help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair. It has also been associated with hair regrowth. Apart from the health benefits, it nourishes repairs and eliminates frizz.

This is the Argan Oil I advise you try, an added bonus is that you’ll have gorgeous smelling locks, and there are claims that it reduces drying time. If you have thick hair it gives you even more reason to give it a try!

Pomegranate Seed Oil

As well as being beautifully scented, pomegranate oil has many advantages and benefits for any hair type, cosmetically, as well as assisting in your hair’s health. The oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants so increases hair growth, balances the PH level of your scalp to avoid greasiness. Furthermore, it soothes frizzy and curly hair by moisturising the scalp and detangling stubborn hair. Pomegranate seed oil also restores and hydrates the hair follicles providing extreme conditioning and shine to the hair.

Percy & Reed do gorgeous Pomegranate seed oil for your hair that is definitely one to add to your list to try.

Olive and Avocado Oil Cream

This oil is often overshadowed by the more well-known oils, however Olive and Avocado oil is superb for dry frizzy hair, and works especially well for tackling those dreaded split ends! So if you are a guilty of frequently using hot appliances on your hair and want to try something a little different, try this oil cream from Reihls. It works wonders.

Castor Oil

The principal element of Castor oil is Ricinoleic acid, which is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This acid is key to preventing hair loss. High levels of Omega oils are also present to help strengthen the hair follicle, and act as a preventative of thinning, splitting hair. Castor oil is suitable for any hair type as it also softens, revitalises and adds shine to your locks.

Babassu and Carrot Oil

When you think of oil for your hair, this one definitely isn’t the first that would come to mind! Unlike the previous examples, the Babassu and Carrot Oil from Naturally Thinking is pure oil shots. This requires you to heat the oil and apply it directly to your hair and scalp. It has a similar effect to the other oils, as it makes your hair soft, shiny and manageable.

Admittedly as a collective, most hair oils have similar effects on your hair; it is all about choosing the correct and most suitable oil for you and your hair type. We all have favourite products, right?

*Expert tip!* When conditioning your hair, whether it is with a cream oil or singularly just oil treatment, to get the most effective outcome, wrap your hair in a warm damp towel whilst you’re waiting to rinse. As this method locks in the moisture, making your hair super soft and silky.

Want to know more hair care and hair styling tips? Elite School of Beauty offers hair and beauty courses in Hertfordshire and Essex. Interested? Join us now!

How to Take Care of Your Hair During Winter

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing

We all know that the cold winter air can create havoc for our hair. Taking care of your locks properly can save you from dull, lifeless hair.

Even if you love your hair, it doesn’t always love you the way you want it to. As the season changes, so does your hair routine. When it comes to winter, that cold wind means we need to lock in as much moisture as we can and work hard to avoid frizzy hair.

Keep your hair healthy with these simple winter hair care tips:


In winter, the chilly weather can dry out your hair. It is essential to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis. Look for products that could lock in moisture and consider using leave in conditioners to keep your hair really well hydrated. If you suffer from dry hair in the colder months, conditioning hair masks and treatments are an excellent extra.

Get Rid of Static

Static in your hair can prevent you from holding up a decent hairstyle. You can remove static and that extra frizz by using a hair serum. Hair serum coats the hair with a protective layer that prevents the loss of moisture, lots of moisture, less static. When taming your mane is needed,  Instead of using a hairbrush, use a comb. Hairbrushes can create friction, thus creating static.

No Heat

Avoid washing your hair with hot water, as well as limiting the use of those straighteners and curling tongs. Heat can take away the natural sheen from your hair. If you really must use heated hair styling tools, it’s vital to use a good leave in conditioner and set the styling tool on a low heat.

Keep Your Hair Covered

Keep your hair covered with a scarf, a hat or a hood. Covering up your hair will reduce exposure to the cold air and avoid windburn on those blustery days. If you’re worried about the dreaded ‘hat hair,’ wearing a loose beanie hat or a shawl over your hair is the best solution. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for stylish winter hats.

Don’t Go out with Wet Hair

Going out with a wet hair can cause your hair go crunchy and brittle. Squeeze excess water out from your hair with a towel. Then use a diffuser for approximately five minutes. This will prevent your locks from going stiff and leave them naturally soft and flowing.

Trim Hair Regularly

Trimming your hair can help get rid of dry ends and makes your hair look healthier and feel stronger. Cut between ¼ and ⅔ of an inch each time you have a trim. For most people, a trim will be needed every 8 to 10 weeks.

Want to know more hair care and hair styling tips? Elite School of Beauty offers hair and beauty courses in Hertfordshire and Essex. Interested? Join us now!


angled bob

Hot Hairstyle Trends for Autumn 2014

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing

Changing your make-up for Autumn is an essential part of the annual beauty calendar, and so is finding a chic new hairstyle to match.

Not sure what you should be doing with your hair this Autumn? We’ve made a list of the hottest new hairstyle trends for Autumn 2014 to help you choose the best chop this season.

The Angled Bob

In the Summer, blunt cuts on long hair were everywhere. Now that Autumn is rolling in, it’s time to slash through that cut just above the shoulders to create a modern, dramatic bob. This hairstyle works best with a side parting, and sleeker, straighter hair.

Style Tip: If you’re not one of the lucky few with naturally straight hair, get hold of some heat protection spray and glide a flat iron through the hair to get that simply straight style.

The Modern Mullet

When we say mullet, we’re not talking about Bowie these days. This season’s mullet is choppy, but swept-behind-the-ears for a more stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for soft waves and is mostly maintenance free.

Style Tip: Scrunch with mousse and dry through with a blow dryer to help waves have more definition.

Long Mermaid Waves

It may not be Summer anymore, but if you’ve been holding onto your luscious long locks, then you’re in luck. Plenty of ladies are opting for beach style waves that cascade right down to their hips. Though this style can be hard to maintain in the cold weather, it will definitely look great with a woollen beanie hat.

Style Tip: Apply volumising mousse to wet hair and tossle through. A curling iron can be used to add some extra curls around the face.

The Glossy Ponytail

Whether your hair is super smooth or artfully scrunched, a ponytail is a perfect off-of-the-face style for Autumn. Precise partings are a vital part of the ponytail look this season, and so is keeping your hair well-conditioned as the colder weather comes in. Use a fine-tooth comb to achieve an extreme parting. When the ponytail is tied, wrap an extra strand of hair around it to hide the elastic.

Style Tip: The glossy ponytail really showcases the face, so it’s a good hairstyle to wear with bold eyeshadow colour flashes.

The Textured Braid

Braids have been all the rage this year and the Autumn season isn’t an exception. Ruffled plaits look intricate, but they’re relatively simple to do as long as your know which strands of hair to weave. If you’re unsure, this DIY tutorial for a textured fishtail braid will help hone your plaiting skills.

Style Tip: Scrunch your hair with volumising spray and dry with a diffuser for the best ruffled results.

Want to learn how to create the perfect Autumn hairstyles and more? Elite School of Beauty Therapy have a range of hairdressing and hair styling courses available for all skill levels. Why not come along?

Woman with hair swept over face. Elite hairdressing courses near Essex

3 Chic Summer Styles from Top Haircare Professionals

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing


The three biggest names in hairdressing, Thom Priano, Garren and Howard McLaren, have shared their secrets for chic hairstyles this summer. Their joint venture, Rogue and Company, (R+Co) is a labour of love which embraces both stylist-driven and stylist-friendly hairdressing.

They’ve put together a simple but enticing summer style tutorial which includes three hairstyles that will ensure you stay ahead of the curve whatever the occasion.

The Polished Ponytail

On those hot summer days, a polished ponytail is the perfect way to look stylish whilst keeping hair off the back of your neck.

McLaren says that “Prepping hair is so important if you want it to last throughout the day.” This means choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to make sure your locks shine and blow drying your hair straight to create a fuller look.

High ponytails are essential for women wanting to accentuate their cheekbones by giving their face a little lift. Low ponytails, on the other hand, create a sleeker and more modern impression.

The Heatless Wave

Garren is renowned for his minimalist styles. Creating waves is an excellent way to achieve a luxurious, free-flowing style.

Like McLaren, he reinforces the importance of using a good shampoo and conditioner. He follows up with a thickening spray on the roots. He says that this helps “you get volume at the scalp and luxuriousness at the ends. If you flip your hair, you get even more volume.”

Whilst the hair is still damp, gather it into a bunch and twist into a messy bun. Leave it to dry naturally and you’ll find that the hair sets into gorgeous waves with barely any effort.

The Dapper Gent

Here’s a little something for the stylish man this summer. Priano says that “the first step to shiny hair and the only styling products you need to use” are Moon Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Add a little wax afterwards for hold extra hold and a cheeky bit of gloss.

Priano advises using Conformist Hair Paste for hair that’s 1 to 2.5 inches long and ruffling the hair. If your hair requires extra shine and texture, opt for Continental Glossing Wax instead.

Want to Learn how to Recreate these Three Chic Summer Styles?

Elite School of Beauty offer courses in women’s’ and men’s hairdressing, as well as barbering and bridal hair. To read about all of the new courses available, visit our new courses section.

7 Reasons to Go to Beauty School

Written by: Clare Weyers Date of published: . Posted in Hairdressing

Hair and beauty courses

Hair and beauty courses are a fabulous way to start a career in the cosmetology industry. Whether you want to work in a local nail salon, start your own massage business, or travel the world as a hairdresser, beauty school can help you make your dreams become reality.

Still unsure about going to beauty school? These seven reasons won’t fail to convince you that beauty school is right for you.

Learn a New Skill

Beauty school is a place to learn what you want to learn. Explore alternative education and gain new skills whilst doing what you love. Here at Elite School of Beauty, we offer accredited courses, that allow you to obtain National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and Diplomas in your chosen field of hair or beauty. Our newest courses include bridal hair, hair extensions and barbering. If hair isn’t your thing, how about nail art or maybe even Swedish massage? There’s plenty of new skills to try your hand at!

Growing Demand for Beauticians

The Health and Beauty industry is still rapidly growing. There is an increased demand for qualified, professional staff who can provide excellent beauty treatments. There are plenty of cosmetology job opportunities world-wide, including working in department stores, on cruise ships, or even as a professional writer for beauty magazines. Trained hairdressers and spa therapists are currently in high demand in salons and spas across the UK and abroad. The possibilities are endless once you have the right credentials.

Create your own Flexible Career

Working a constant 9-to-5 schedule is just not possible, nor desirable, for some people. Beauty courses can be quick and low-cost compared to many other careers, allowing you to join the workforce in no time. As a qualified beautician, you can create your own hours. Choose to work part-time, full-time, mornings, nights, or even weekends depending on your needs. Flexibility at work makes careers in cosmetology popular amongst parents and single parents, and those with other commitments.

Opportunity to Meet Celebrities

As you develop your skills, you’ll find there are lots of opportunities for working in hair and beauty for television, film, music and modelling. If you’ve got solid skills and your own unique flair, you might aspire to work with celebrities. Many stylists start small in local salons and work their way up to big names and high-profile clients.

Find your Artistic Goddess

Taking beauty school courses gives you the chance to find your own artistic goddess. Experiment with different styles and fashions, know what’s on trend and help others achieve the look they desire. Express yourself artistically through hairdressing, make-up and nail art courses. From beautiful bridal hairstyling through to sassy party nail art, all of these beauty courses are art forms in their own right. Beauty school gives you the freedom to be the artist you always dreamed of being.

Do What you Love

In the UK, people working in hair, beauty and holistic therapy are proven to be the happiest workers. Why work in an office when you can be doing what you love and getting paid for it? Careers in cosmetology are rare gems that allow you to combine your expert skills with your own creativity and personality. Many people find beauty-related jobs to be rewarding: not only can they express themselves, but they can help others to feel great about the way they look. You also have valuable time to speak with your clients and hear their stories

Beauty School is for Everyone

Hair and beauty courses at Elite School of Beauty are open to all ages. Whether you’re looking to begin your cosmetology career at sixteen, want to change your job at forty, or want to learn a new skill at sixty, there is a course for you. Here at Elite, we only teach in small groups, so you will be able to find the right class for you no matter what.

Interested in going to Beauty School?

Are you interested in going to beauty school but unsure which course is right for you? Why not browse through our newest courses, which include bridal hair, hair extensions and barbering. There is a full list of courses and training available in our website.

Hairdressing chairs to rent

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As a training provider of Hairdressing courses, I have many qualified students who start out as freelance Hairdressers but often say how much easier it would be sometimes to have a base to offer their services but without the overheads of running or owning their own Hair Salon so I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the advantages of going down the route of renting a hairdressing chair within an established Hair Salon.

So some advantages to chair rental would be still being your own boss without the start-up costs of equipment leasing and being tied into at least 2 years rental of premises, business rates, utility bills and employer costs for staff. Other advantages of chair rental would be being able to tend to more customers in a day as the normal travel time of a freelance/mobile hairdresser wouldn’t be involved or the petrol costs and thus your earning capacity goes up. Also some people aren’t cut out to work for someone else and like the freedom to make their own decisions so working in a salon environment without having to be an employee and having the choice of which products, equipment to use, services to offer whether that’s to specialise in certain services for example Hair Extensions or to offer all services and which days and hours you’d like to work would enable that person to still feel in control of their business.

Something else to consider is that even though some clients like the ease of having a hairdresser come to their house, others feel more confident in using your services in an established reachable business address.

Whichever route you decide to take as a qualified hairdresser has to be ultimately right for you but it might just be worth considering Hairdressing chair rental as a good way of generating more business for your business!

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